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  • dreiser139 dreiser139 Jan 14, 2013 4:37 PM Flag

    this is the worst

    i hold mwe and own more of that one.
    another one u may like is gel.
    getting pricey but superb assets and management.
    as always u must do your own dd.
    as for rnf right now its in the sweet spot plus ag stocks on fire.just read mon most recent report.
    and yes ng prices low and this is what is fueling the nitrogen fertilizer market.
    plus rnf right in the middle if americas heartland with cheaper transportation costs then the other nitogen plays.
    plus i believe in comparison to potash nitrogen the cheaper fertilizer alternative.
    in europe and especially india many farmers have switched from potash to nitrogen.i read this in a blumberg report which i found interesting.
    i have no idea where rnf going to go however i think ill hold on to it.
    just look at uan.tnh,mon and the other chemical companies like dd,dow etc.
    all heavy into the ag market.
    less ariable land and a growing population.
    people have to eat and im not good at timing this stock.
    so ill just hang on.some ride.
    good investing to all
    dreiser 139

    Sentiment: Buy