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  • larry2607 larry2607 Feb 27, 2013 4:07 PM Flag

    sold today

    ill buy it back at 38 if it cant go up on a 200 pnt. day what will it take. not in love with my mlps been selling the rips and buying dips. lots of other things going up while waiting for a 68 cent pay day in 2 months

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    • Targa's one to just set and forget. Sure, you can sell high, buy low -- but that's gambling. Gives me a pain in the neck. If you managed to buy Targa at, say, $30 or so, even $0, just hang on and watch your yield increase. Heck, it's all tax free anyway, and MLPs are tricky when you sell 'em.

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      • i got to ask have you just forgot about this one in the last 3 days. i may have missed the latest move in this one but my dpm is blowing it away. one of three things in this one investors got wind of secondary, people just dont believe, or the posibility of a triple top. makes no difference they have told you that they are going to raise the divy and it still down 5 percent from its recent highs. i dont care if i pay taxes cause that means im making money. im just not going to sit and watch 8 or 10 percent capitol vanish while i sit back and say its going to pay me a divy in 2 months. bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush. im still going to wait for the 30s on this one to buy back may or may not ever come.

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