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  • Last years's K-1 for NGLS showed huge numbers for the 13T domestic production activity numbers (and by huge I mean big 5 digit numbers for my 800 unit position. NGLS last year was one of the last K-1s to arrive and until then I was on track to get something like $1000 domestic production activity deduction from all my other K-1s combined. But the NGLS K-1 wiped it all out and I got no deduction. Never did understand where the huge 13T numbers came from last year.

    Now this year, I just got my NGLS K-1 and there are no 13T entries at all.
    What gives? Massive numbers one year, none at all the next. So far as I know they are in the same business as last year, so how can this be? Was last year a mistake and I lost my $1000 deduction due to an accounting screw up an NGLS?

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