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  • SrBugs SrBugs May 8, 1999 12:24 PM Flag

    Very interesting link re:HMAR/TDW/CKH

    article and thanks for posting it.

    It is
    worrisome that Exxon and Mobil are in serious talks with
    the Saudi's to extract their oil. This definitely
    could have an impact on the oil services

    From the article, it appears that TDW has a tough
    decision to make if they indeed are thinking about
    acqusition. Acquire the company and its debt, or take the
    chance that Hvide files for bankruptcy and acquire
    assets after the fact.

    I think it all depends on
    how quickly oil demand rebounds. If it rebounds
    quicker than expected along with an uptick in oil service
    revenues, then Hvide has less incentive to file Chapter XI.
    If the rebound drags out, then Hvide's creditors may
    start putting the pressure on Hvide to liquidate

    A very complicated scenario -- this oil service
    industry. So many factors:

    1. Continued global
    economic recovery?
    2. Continued OPEC compliance with
    3. Interest rates and inflation remain tame?
    Major oils cutting oil recovery deals with the
    5. Possibility of recession in the U.S.?
    Favorable weather patterns?

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    • i found this message on another board concerning
      a pennystock THES, it says TDW is interested in
      buying the patents from THES for their technology of
      turning saltwater to fresh water, anybody here know about
      this,>>>here is the posted

      Hot Stock

      MIKE []

      THIS is what the little birdies are saying, I guess
      tide water inc are interested in the saltwater to
      freshwater thing, Iam hearing thier not interested in the
      company(THES) only the patents and all exclusive rights for
      this special process,I also understand that THES will
      profit greatly for the sale of this process, and will
      use the money to continue thier focus on their energy
      storage business. well we will see next week how true
      this is


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