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  • Networthdev Networthdev Feb 23, 2011 10:12 AM Flag

    Atala ?

    I hate to even ask this question, but have been trying to be sure Atala is committed to TNGN's success. Articles have said he is no longer involved in the "business operations", which I prefer to interpret, that he is free to work the science and others worry about the business noise. Can anyone speak to his relationship with the business side of the house? is he committed to them, or frustrated with them? Any potential of wanting to strike out on his own??

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    • Nope, I'm in for the long haul. Have done this many times with biotech's and can stomach the speculative nature/risk, it's factored into the over all portfolio. I like what their working on, and believe it will only get more remarkable over time.

    • there is absolutely no evidence of what you speak. you are just fear mongering.

      i personally think you capitulated.

      so be it.

    • indicated with regard to the patents, " I would guess that tngn patents are surrounding the manufacturing process but can't be sure. They were probably filed as of the work that has been done by the company over the past few years."

      I would GUESS that to, but was hoping for more than a guess. The reality is, if someone else, like J&J, recruits the good Dr., his work will go with him. They can extend, write around, or license, if they need to. How interested are you in TNGN without the Dr.? Answer to that question helps value the patents and the fact that they could be licensed reasonable if needed.

      I'm not your enemy, I have a significt position and just don't like this unknown. Something doesn't feel right with regard to what is going on and I can't put my finger on it.

    • tngn has patents. did you miss that part.

    • I hope you're correct, but if J&J is who walked away, and Atala wasn't happy about it, I suspect J&J could snap their fingers and have him up and running in a nice shinny GMP approved place, and their American Express card wouldn't even break a sweat. :-)

    • If you had any idea what kind of person Atala is then you wouldn't be asking "Any potential of wanting to strike out on his own??"....