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  • zmanj_54 zmanj_54 Aug 23, 2006 10:01 AM Flag

    Prediction for 8/23

    A big day today ......... the word is getting out and the volume is following

    Short squeeze?

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    • Just an observation here. I am aware of the challenges that DBLE faces.

      The point that I was trying to make was that with no operational staff, let alone a PROVEN operational staff, it is not surprising to find Netherland Sewell still discounting DBLE's CBM reserve potential at Atlantic Rim.

      I think that the bigger question here is can we expect the same treatment at Cow Creek?

      Discounting the reserves of a handful of existing wells is one thing, but discounting the reserve potential of 200+ Cow Creek wells is another.

      Put another way, this just underscores DBLE's reserve upside.

    • The delays on the Cow Creek CBM are not the fault of DBLE.

      It's APC that's responsible for the EIS. At DBLE's annual meeting last year, Hollis said that DBLE had offered to do it or help APC do it. What else do you want?

    • If Xmas Meadows hits there are a multitude of possibilities ...... today's stock could easily be re-apportioned to arrive at a $100+ equity price.

      I feel very confident of DBLE's financial talent now. CFO Lonny Brock DEFINTELY knows what it is all about. He is his own man just like Mr Hollis. I would, however, like to see an announcement that Mr Brock has taken a position in DBLE. That would really speak volumes about today's market valuation.

      If DBLE hits it is blatantly obvious that they need to staff up. If DBLE had the operational staff and respect of a company like SCU, DBLE's Atlantic Rim PROB + POSS CBM reserves would be moving toward PDP a lot faster than they are now.

      One thing about Netherland/Sewell, they recognize and respect operational talent. Something for DBLE mgmt to keep in mind, one way or another. A potential deal making consideration for both sides?

    • If Xmas Meadows should hit, I would imagine tht APC would quickly become very interested in little old DBLE. Fold in Cow Creek assets...Play harder with STR and swap the Pinedale interests for other interests that intrigue/overlap with APC....Develop Xmas Meadows for years to come...Perhaps explore the 100,000 virgin acres in Nevada...Would be a nice story, if it came true.

    • not cynicism .......... reality

      if the street can't see a way to make money off a stock/company they won't cover it

      if the street sees no underwriting fees, no arrangement fees, no banking fees, no trading fees, no manipulation fees ..... the street gravitates toward companies where they can make money

      with DBLE's thin float and heavy inside ownership by HONEST management ........... DBLE does not not fit the bill

      DBLE fits my bill though and I can't wait for the next six months

    • To continue the cynicism, it also hurts that DBLE doesn't have a big need for money now either.

      This is an interesting point for DBLE and its broad shareholder base of individuals. It's amazing to me that:
      of 8.64M shares out
      directors & officers own 11%
      institutions own 19%
      shorts at 2.2%

      We're all standing around silently, watching each other warily, with APC over the fence holding an interesting chip.

    • I would not be that cynical...Wall St covers thinly traded stocks--esp. if there is great upside..

      I question why First Albany can be so bullish on the Columbia River Basin and Delta Petroleum, and yet not take the time to study thoroughly the seismic and stratigraphy of Xmas Meadows.

      Perhaps DBLE is fated to remain off the radar screen until such time as it explodes onto the scene if if if Xmas Meadows hits the target successfully....1-2 TCF per Netherland, Sewell--if it hits, their estimates will probably prove conservative.

      Nobody heard of Wolverine until they hit paydirt--in Utah!! Some of the geology lends hope that Xmas Meadows is a continuation of that play, despite the distances between the two areas. We can only hope.

      In the meantime, it will be the successful development of S. Fillmore and Deep Cow Creek that moves the stock solidly into the 20's.

      Happy hunting.

    • check the bid/ask spread (& volumes). nice try by MM's to stem the flow but there is a hole in the dike and, IMO, they can't hold back the flow anymore