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  • keimosaabe keimosaabe Jan 12, 2004 7:58 AM Flag

    ►Ebay Tab: 2004s 1st - "Slide"

    ►Ebay Tab: After making a New FY2004,
    appears Ebay took a breather.

    Remember, 2003 saw 2 "Slides", 2 Down Months
    and Ebay still almost doubled.
    Maybe Ebay giving Shorts a chance to cover?
    Is a Cash Dividend in the Cards?

    The Facts
    January. 2004 Dn $ 1.21
    FiscalYr 2003 Up $30.68
    4th Qtr. 2002 Up $ 7.81

    FY2004 $66.01-$62.59
    FY2003 $64.80-$33.93

    Why post recent figures over & over?
    It's a constant reminder to Sell
    Writers of what they have missed.

    Ebay Tab & becoming a Stockholder
    started in the 20s.(Adjusted)
    See Message #256587 dated 12/2/02.

    Disclaimer: This post is for informational
    purposes only and every investor should
    make up there own decision and not depend
    on any posted messages.

    Hippee Ki-ho Ki-hay
    Back in the Saddle again

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