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  • metomam2000 metomam2000 Jul 13, 2004 8:49 PM Flag

    Ebay is very unfair to its users

    Ebay is very unfair to its users,they have a lot of unqualified people reviewing their users,if you don't buckle down an listen to ever word their unqualified reviewers an little insiders say you will be kicked off of the site,I had a 99.7% great review record with about 330 reviews,I had people beat me out of money, I complained,nothing was done,one person that threatened me over a slight mistake in a listing an I was kicked off,if enough people quit using them,they would come back down to earth,a lot of people have made millions of dollars an they[ebay] don't care about the little person any more,this company needs to be looked at real close,as for as I am concerned I'm through with them,there are other sites out there that if more people started using, Ebay would fall,they are charging way to much to list an item,then the selling fee,plus if you use paypal they got you again,signed very bitter former user,I would like to see some more people post their horror stories on this an other message boards about Ebay


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    • Dude....shut up. I have to read your crap everywhere I go.
      Since you know so much, please inform us of another company like eBay.....AND...does it better.
      Reasons I like eBay:
      1)They do not have a product or inventory. Just a service that allows the consumers to determine the price of just about everything everywhere in the world.
      2)2.44 Billion in Rev. and 1.75B in profit. (~72%)
      Amazon is at 5.71B in Rev and only 1.26 in profit (~22%)
      Intel ~54% and Dell ~17%. Cisco ~64% Yahoo ~49% Oracle ~77% Microsoft ~74% Sun ~45%
      Looks like they are running the company pretty well. Only Microsoft and Oracle are higher.
      3) They are not slowing down.
      Rev. growth = 78.3%
      Amazon = 33.8% Intel = 12.6% Dell = 17.1% Cisco = -.2% Yahoo = 70.5% Oracle = 7.20% Microsoft = 13.5% Sun = -8.5%
      Higher than each company above.

      eBay is a great company and a great investment. Do you own research, but from just a few examples, it looks as though they outperform almost every tech company in every category. MANY GREAT YEARS AHEAD.

      I would be amazed if someone can show me another company with better numbers.

      So do not listen to the BS,or me for that matter, research it yourself...its a solid investment. Get it before the conf. call the 21st. Just look at the price history....

      Long and strong


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