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  • goodcents44 goodcents44 Jul 14, 2004 2:53 AM Flag


    I have been reading your post for months now, and you folks just don�t get. Let me try to explain. I have made most of my living on ebay for years selling antiques and collectibles. I was in Mass. years ago when Ebay came to Brimfield to introduce themselves to the Antique world and announce they were soon to go public. I didn�t even own a computer at that time. But since Ebay went public, I have seen the Antique business be turned up-side down and in-side out! It has almost killed many of the Antique shows, and just try to buy something at a yard sale. Everyone is on Ebay selling! Millions and Millions and Millions of people all over the world, not just the United States. I know a stock broker that never has believed in Ebay, and still to this day won�t buy it. People that get fat paychecks, don�t understand Ebay. I do understand how he is looking at it. High P/E ratio. He�s just looking for it to drop to $20 tomorrow. You must understand why it is not going to fall apart. Ebay is not for fun; let me tell you, I hate it. It�s work, work, work! But it is a necessity, just like food and water! I can�t live without it, and that is the way millions of folks all over the world are. It is more of a necessity than Wal-Mart. I can almost live without Wal-Mart. Next Friday, open your newspaper to the classified section and count the number of yard sales. If you live in any size town, there will be hundreds. Why do people have yard sales in the heat of the summer? Not for fun, but because they need money! That�s what Ebay is all about; it�s one world wide yard sale. I was having a yard sale on Ebay when it was snowing outside this winter. You see, you have to need money every month to pay your bills and feed your family, and when you truly need that, you will then understand Ebay. It is not going away and it�s not just another fun web site like It�s a way of life for millions of folks. When you find a company that offers something that people �have to have to survive�, you have found a winner. Ebay is that company! When gas prices and electric bills and everything else go up, as we have seen this last year, people start selling more just to survive. This is why I sleep in peace at night, because I have Ebay. I can sell anytime and make as much as I want, it is all up to me. Not some boss or company that may fire me or lays me off tomorrow. Understand Ebay and you will be a proud stock owner, just as I am!

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    • Your post is right on the money. This is a company that is NEVER going away because there are at least hundreds of thousands of people like you and I that make their living via eBay and that is why I own shares of it and I will continue to own shares for many years to come. It is the most logical business on the internet- period. I don't care if it's overpriced and it can go down to $20 tomorrow and I'll jump for joy so I can buy more shares of a company that is yet to seriously infiltrate India, China, and the rest of Asia. Ebay is a no brainer, and I'm glad I'll never have to deal with working in an office again and dealing with non-sense such as office politics and the such. It's work- but I'm free because of eBay.

    • well - for starters - you can read the referenced article

      six letters: Google

      Google is extremely proficient at exploiting weaknesses

    • >>ebay get wiped from the scene faster than you might think

      What do you think those weaknesses are? Give me a scenario where you think ebay can get "wiped from the scene" and why hasn't it happened yet?

    • there was a great article in "the economist" magazine regarding this subject matter - ebay has many, many weaknesses - but competitors must have both a brand identity (like Google for example) and exploit these weaknesses to be effective - ebay get wiped from the scene faster than you might think - just economics

    • moron #2 - welcome to the club

    • >>i don't think so - competitors have not yet exploited ebay's weaknesses - does anyone still shop at ebay anymore?

      Ebay does auctions primarily. What's your point and how are they weak in auctions?

    • I suggest that you love the company, but not the stock. Buying low and selling high is a good strategy, regardless of the quality of the underlying company. In this case EBAY is a good company, but the price is now high.

      The risk/reward relationship is not good for investment.

      Take your money out of EBAY stock and buy inventory to sell on EBAY and you will get a better ROI.

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