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  • etrakkerman etrakkerman Feb 7, 2005 5:33 PM Flag

    eBay powerseller exodus is in progess

    As an eBay powerseller I can attest to the fact that sellers are migrating in droves off of eBay. The fee increase has created an earnings fiasco for eBay and has motivated powersellers to look for other, more profitable venues to sell items.

    Google adwords has created a compelling reason to open an online store for many. Overstock is stealing market share and even has a more intelligent television advertising campaign.

    Buyers will migrate to where the goods are sold, and with each passing day those sales are going away from eBay.

    eBay severely understimated the growing discontent that has been building within the powerseller community. Most simply needed an excuse to leave and the latest fee increase debocle was just that.

    I will be very surprised if Feebay does not issue a profit warning.

    Changes are a brewing, and as long as eBay and its entourage of snot nosed, out of touch with reality team of profit at any expense management teams fails to see it happening, the stock price will continue to stabilze to its destiny. A PE of 25 or so.

    The winds of change are already taking place.

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    • wow, I just went to that link sweetwater gave to me in a reply post.

      It is indeed true that you have LESS THEN A 50% chance of selling your item on ebay!

      more like a 45% chance of selling your item.

      seems to me you have the same results with placing a classified add without the hassle of shipping/packing

    • Well thanks for the info on listings, I thought they included everything.
      As for the store counts, thats their active store count and will very wildly as listings expire, I have noticed though that they are on a downward trend and know some of the people I deal with had pretty large stores that they closed. The 25 rule tends to be an average, it can vary for whatever reason.
      I do also tend to pay closer attention to the featured stores as they tend to be bigger sellers. This also is showing a downward trend.
      300 Feature stores can equal 1000 basic stores.
      Just food for thought.

    • I've never said they weren't correct, I think they are great sites.
      What I tried to stress is don't use them for investment decisions only, as a lot of numbers are not broken down. To have true counts you need them broken down into store listing vs auction listings. When the issue of ebay listing number came up a few years back ebay didn't have stores or at least not to the point they do now.
      1 million auction istings as compared to 1 million store listing is a huge amount of money.
      I would love to see the actual numbers, broken down in each quarters statements.

    • Totally agree...
      That is why listings are what most people use as a helpful tool to decide their investment in ebay, not anyway I would do it.
      The variables are huge, and unless ebay actually stated we had x number of auctions and x number of store listings, listing numbers no longer do the public any good.
      14,000,000 auction listing represents a huge difference the 60% (8,400,00) store listings and 40% auction listings (5,600,000)
      This is only a supposed number and is not intended to show the actual split as I have no idea what the split really is, I guess if someone really wanted to know they could go through the stores and try and figure out some kind of average.

    • and you know this becuz you work for ebay? i know your not a seller there.

    • well deci, thats odd becuz i am a power seller and i have found 10 day listings bringing MORE buyers and HIGHER prices. Thought that would be common sense...if you list it longer more people will see it, the more people who see it, the more people who will want it...with the fee increase on 10 day listings, i will be moving my lower ticket items somewhere else.

    • Well I wouldn't argue you on that because I only know maybe 150 people at best that sell on ebay in person, so I could be wrong on the overall average. Still I would like to know for piece of my own research how you come up with your average.
      I mean are you throwing all the items into a pot and dividing the number, or basing it on High, Med and Low pricing.
      Most people I know which some sell at least a thousand items a month sell around the 24.99
      I do know one fantastic lady who makes the best leather horse show shirts in the world whos average sale is in the 400+ mark.
      She is one of ebays great success stories.
      And as I know her very well and know how hard she worked to get there, my hats off to her.
      I don't say ebay is not a great place for some, just for others its lousy.

    • You are just a unhappy eBay person.
      You either own stock that you want to short,
      or you are a unhappy eBay user.

      Every site has happy and unhappy users.

      Auction counts look the same for past 3 weeks, in fact they seem as upward trend.

      If you move your business to other sites, that just gives others better opportunities to sell on eBay.

      As a business/seller, one does not let emotion
      make business decisions.

      Bottom line is that the fee increase is mostly PURELY on stores.

      For Auction site it seem so minor (BIN price and image). And out of that, it seems they reduced some prices on auction site.

      Overstock auctions is a joke.
      Google keywords will ad up fast. Anyone can go to google and click on your keywords and you get charged.

      eBay announced better customer service.
      Lets see how that works.

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      • According to CBS marketwatch, it appears the Google search engine marketing technique is an option that ebay powersellers are turning to.

        Unfortunatly, Ms. Francisco won't get a straight answer from Meg Whitman on this one.

        Ms Franciso states "For now, if price hikes are any indication, then search engine marketing is beginning to look like a compelling, alternative mousetrap to capture buyers".

        My argument all along tonight.

        Google poses a very threat to eBay as sellers migrate to open online stores.

    • Good point on the 10 day auctions but sellers who know what they are doing used it a 10 day auction to draw customers to what else they sold. It was worth the few extra cents to draw numbers to their stores.

      BIN really only gives the seller quick sales, I have seen way to many sales go much higher then the BIN original price.
      Fixed price is great if you have a product that it makes sense on. Problem with ebay though is for nearly every item at a fixed price other are willing to list for less.
      But I do say it still a good way to sell if you can sell at a reasonable profit.

      If ebay really finds 10 day auctions a waste they should just do away with them.

    • I agree that this has been quite healthy to firm up a base where we can launch our next surge... You can sense the trading community is feeling the base being established. Soon we will be moving up in a big way....

      Great to be here!!!!!!

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