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  • vandamnimgood0100 vandamnimgood0100 Mar 21, 2005 3:25 AM Flag

    Odds against ebay

    Mighty big expectations ebay needs to meet for shareholders. In other words, nearly every house (75% or better) in America needs to be an ebay customer. Sure, good luck. Didn't ebay see the rest of the world as the major growth area? America slow growth? Not a good picture.

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    • eric,

      Check this out-
      Title :Beginning Java 2 JDK (5TH EDN.) by Ivor Horton
      Author Name : Ivor Horton
      MRP :Rs. 549/-
      Our Price : Rs. 494/-
      Ships to: Worldwide
      Beginning Java 2
      by Ivor Horton
      List Price: $49.99
      Price: $49.99

      hmmmm ... you can buy a technical a book that costs ~ $50.00 in US, for a meager $11.00 at ...

      Personally, I think this violates copyright/ publisher/author agreements which in part states ~ that books published overseas CANNOT be exported/sold outside the publishing domain or something to that effect

      While India is a great idea, there is going to be a number of issues like the one stated above & a whole bunch of other issues.

    • btw, the ebay india site is over 80k items now - first time they have hit that milestone.

    • "If you deal in antiques in ANY country..."

      did not realize that is the background that this poster was coming from, not followed his post's closely enough. now that you mention it that makes sense.

    • yeah, i did not want to keep responding to eric because his post were more focused on "opinions" and we all have ours. ;-)

      very little of what he has posted about china/india is based on actual facts.

    • unfortunately i believe that information about indians not using banks is more hearsay than anything else and if anything comes from indians that have been out of the country for over 10 years or more and simply have not kept up with the pace of change in india. i have a few of these friends. :-)

      btw, paisapay does support cod so even cash is not an issue as people would like to suggest. unfortunately folks do not often realize how ebay tailors itself to meet the local country needs. check this url:

    • i was SHOCKED that my friends...who live in india their whole lives and only occassionally visit the U.S...would have a WALLET FULL OF CREDIT CARDS...although when the hubby went back, he left his wife here for an addl 5 weeks..(not with me but with her brother) and he took ALL OF THE CREDIT CARDS with him!!! but she had alot of cash...$1000s. AND when she ran out of cash...she took/borrowed her brothers money...

    • Dumb Bimbo,
      Yeah you should ignore me. Do I give a damn?. You belong in the lonely hole along with your imaginary friend. How many personalities do you have dumbo?. LOL. Why dont you try to sell yourself on EBAY?. LOL. But then it might lower the stock price cuz we only want good stuff on EBAY. HA HA HAHA.

    • OK Lisa Bimbo,
      My friend is not backing down. He insists that you r a biitch. I argued on your behalf and explained to him that you r just a dumb bimbo not and not a biitch but he would have none of that. Now he insists that you and your so called friend are just les whores looking for a kick on EBAY board. Sorry. But more and more people on the MB think that you are a dumb biitch.

      Da Lamb

    • she just followed up with this:

      Lisa, tell him this:

      I have one phrase for you:

      Lack of knowledge; lackof exposure.

    • OK, she has responded to your "bimbo lisa"...not what i expected though...i am a little disappointed that she didnt attempt to defend me...:

      What the hell?????
      Ok, give him this:
      I am not going to stoop to your level or your friend�s level. I can tell by the quality of your friend as to what type of a person YOU must be. Thank you for confirming that you do not have a mind of your own, pasting messages to your even stupider friend. Geeze, what are you? A bunch of morons? You need to come out of your shell and discover the world around you. If you are in your cocoon for the rest of your life, you will die a sad and stupid man. If reality is so hard for you to accept, what in the hell are you doing here?

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