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  • preferred_stock2k preferred_stock2k May 17, 2005 7:54 PM Flag

    bogus listings

    eBay item=5581888183

    I just love it. Of course, so does eBay. Fraud going on? Numbers must be right because SOX demands that of all public companies?



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    • he doesnt believe you, me or ebay and that is that. I think he has a brain...i am sure of it. He is rather smart actually. I think he also has a thing against ebay and has stooped to very low levels by lieing. The fact that he makes up these lies about ebay proves there is a brain at work...have you ever noticed how he does NOT answer my question about why he hates ebay so much? There is something there that he is not telling.

      Sometimes pushing too hard, trying too hard to convince somebody that all is perfect and legitimate is in itself you have somebody like preferr who does have a hidden agenda and bashes ebay to reach it and then you or I will push so hard to convince him he is wrong and it just makes him dig in deeper..get more you know what i mean? i think it is probably better to just knock off his lies or twists of truth carefully exposing them....without insults or deragatory comments, without getting too pushy...becuz these tactics do not work on him or most.

    • i agree that the transaction was probably B.S. but i would run the same type of security checks for a $1,000 painting as i would for a $6,000 since it is so easy to have counterfeit paintings.

    • i have gotten ripped off UNDER 10 times in 6 years with OVER 5,000 purchases. (most money lost was $126off every time i get ripped off but i dont get ulcers about it...some people are just plain nasty and there is nothing that i can do about it. I have gotten ripped off plenty in person too...far more then 10 times. There is no such thing as a place where both buyer and seller are protected. It does not exist. Nothing is bulletproof. If you think you know of such a place, i will guarantee you there is somebody trying to figure out how to rip people off becuz the potential for making money is high due to the relaxed feeling of the future victims knowing they cant be ripped off....

    • "Absolutely right, and Preferred knows all this since we have discussed it before." just becuz we have discussed all this before with him does not mean he believes us. Obviously he does not. You have done the same thing to me...assume becuz you post something to me that i will believe it and then you follow up with a post saying that i should know this becuz we have discussed it before. Just becuz a poster stops the debate does not mean they believe your just means they tire of the argument or had something better to do....preferr does not believe us.

    • "Here's another beauty! Shall we make a list of the whoppers?" actually, i think this is an excellent idea...i mean making the list. Twice now i have been asked specifically to list the lies and both times all i could remember of the spur of the moment was that he said ebay does not provide contact information to the buyer of the seller...

    • I would be pretty pissed at getting ripped off 10 times!!! I would want my money back if I was ripped off. Give me a transaction where buyer and seller are protected!!

    • Actually ebay spends more time and money making sure the sellers DO get to know one another via seminars and yearly get togethers than anyone this side of Mary Kay.
      Ebay has a lot of faults but this isn't one of them.

    • good night!

    • HA! wrong again! well...if you are going to a professional than yes...but i shop for sleepers...i look for the seller who is clueless....or bad photos...poor descriptions. And i dont assume it is authentic, i pay CHEAP...and love to get surprised, pleasantly surprised that is!

    • yes. i have used escrow myself. thanks crime. i wish you were here made some excellent points!

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