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  • ebayclassaction ebayclassaction May 28, 2005 11:06 AM Flag

    ebay relist fee lack of credit

    Has anyone auditted their ebay accounts to make sure they are getting credits for "RELISTED" items?

    Long ago, the relist option would give you an error if you were listing in a manner that would void the relist. It appears that edit has been removed and now you can choose the "relist" option, do something that violates the relist rules such as putting a reserve on an item that didn't originally have a reserve, you get no warning and you get no relist fee.

    I just had an item that I had a start price of $1 and reserve of $24.99 that didn't sell. I relisted it with start price of $24.99 and no reserve and it sold as I added items to the lot to make it more attractive.

    Ebay says because I raised the start price, I didn't qualify for relist credit yet their system didn't warn me of this like it used to. Instead, I was expected to reread the relist rules but I think that is a crock as my EXPECTATIONS were already set that the system errors when I break relisting rules.

    I would guess that MILLIONS of $$ of relist fees were never creditted due to the change in error checking and that nobody bothers to go back and see which auctions they actually got credit.

    Anyone have this experience? Please email me at

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    • well it does sound interesting. I will be curious to know if the lawyer decides to accept this case on a contingency. And then of course, if it is pursued, i believe you can subpoena ebay's records. But if he doesnt take the case on a contingency, then it isnt very strong...and i think if he tells you it has to be class action, he is full of it....also, if it is a strong case, you can sue and go after punitive damages and also force ebay to notify all their customers that they are entitled to back fees....

    • The case is very strong. The only question a contigency lawyer has(and the lawyer I hooked up is looking into) is how much liability exists here to make it worth pursuing. That will be a challenge to measure until ebay has to turn over its database so some queries can be run on it. You can go back two years from the point of which you were put on notice of the problem. My guess is that there have been easily millions of $ of relisted items that had no chance to qualify for a credit and the users have no idea of this. This is further proved by the bungling service reps who can't even interpret their own guidelines in a consistant manner. As I mentioned, I now have 4 different interpretations, one of which seems to think I am owed a credit but was overturned by a more senior peon.

    • Interesting, do you recall your own words below:

      "I either fix them by calling them (such as my credit cards), or I leave the company (such as Verizon the joke of the century)."

      Surely the reference to "they" was suggesting when you have billing issues, you call the vendor. In this case, the vendor was clearly ebay.

      Sorry, I thought your original post made some sense, I didn't realize it was aimless babbble.

      My fault was that I didn't audit my ebay billings more closely but then again, tracking relist credits takes some work as the ebay bill doesn't bother to show a relisted item's original ebay item# so this takes some effort to go into the system for every single item and track it to its relist. Of couse you know all this and asked purely cause you like to read.

    • Hopefully you have a lawyer who will take this on a contingency....otherwise, the case is not strong.

    • Sorry to see the phrase "class action" is one you are unfamiliar. I am sure you are a top notch investor and have a very secure financial future.

    • I am not aware of any previous funtionality where the ebay system warned you if you tried to relist an extra time so I would have no claim there. Ebay DOES make the item turn dark blue to warn you that you already relisted it so I would say that is adequate functionality.

      It is inexcusable for them to have functionality in the billing system that somehow knows when you do and don't qualify for credit not to apply that same functionality to the RELIST function itself as it is EXACTLY the same check. A check the system USED TO PROVIDE that ebay cleverly took away as they liked getting all these relisted auctions that didn't qualify for credits.

    • I don�t recall asking you to call eBay.

      Read my post again.

      Again: Do you see any fault done by you at all?

      How difficult is that to answer?

    • your_mistakes_mean_my_prosperity your_mistakes_mean_my_prosperity May 30, 2005 4:53 PM Flag

      Be my guest and sue Ebay.

      Your absentminded negligence has already lost you some money, but your legal costs will cost you much much more for a losing and laughable endeavour.


    • You won't be retiring any time soon if ebay is your retirement. Shady business ethics get met with people who won't tolerate it every day.

      Does the court system laugh bait and switch plantiffs out of courtrooms? That would be news to me. Please site all your examples, as I suspect you are just another one in a line of windbags of all noise and no substance.

      Let's find out how the courts like ebay's switcharoo on system functionality and how the system currently doesn't have edits that support its own billing guidelines. I like my chances and ebay's history of cavalier attitude toward users won't serve them well.

    • you may be right may have a legitimate lawsuit and i urge you to find the answer to that one question:

      does ebay have an obligation to continue the "relist error message" when your relist does not qualify for a credit any longer?

      if ebay DOES have that obligation, (either due to the precedent of the error messages or for other reasons) then you may have a great lawsuit, class action or not.

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