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  • everywhere41 everywhere41 Jul 22, 2005 10:05 AM Flag

    what the hell would make those Muslim

    nut jobs happy ???? Christ they are pissin me off. Go ebay

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    • True, theirs was an honorable death with a legitimate target but the psychology must be pretty much the same. Hard as it is for us to understand the suicide bombers consider themselves heros.

    • Except they flew into ships; not restaurants, busses, cars, office buildings....well, you see the point.


    • LOL!

    • LOL! i guess crime is gone....otherewise he woulda done it...

    • .Doesnt Bin laden get his money thru the sale of heroine?

      Which heroine? Little Nell? (Sorry it was just too tempting)

    • Let me write that one down LOL

    • that is correct. hereditary insanity does not belong to one race or people. BUT then the terrorists are not one race or people either...are they? And maybe there is different types of insanity going on here with the terrorists. Maybe there are different things going on...maybe some of these people are just joining a club to be cool...the extreme radicals are frightening and i bet you would feel safer to join them then to be their neighbor and be against them....Doesnt Bin laden get his money thru the sale of heroine? Maybe some of these people are turned into junkies. Maybe some of them are dirt poor and are promised MONEY for their families when they blow themselves up. I remember seeing one suicide bomber in israel than panicked...he was mentally retarded and the palestinians terrorists set him up. took advantage of his retardation...luckily for him, the israelis were caught on camera and didnt kill him...

    • True but they don't belong exclusively to one race or people.

    • You're thinking of Guinness.

    • Having the desire to fight for your country is a common human frailty. Being willing to die for it is part of the pointless package. Oh sure, there is a time and place for it, but most of humanity has taken the passion to an extreme. With the Palestinians the cause is very live. They don't really have a country yet (although they could if they would just simmer down) and the list of grievances runs very, very long. Enter Muslim fundamentalism and you have a toxic brew of suicide bombers.

      The Palestinians never miss an opportunity to screw themselves up, and today they find themselves finally with a USA committed to their nationhood. (Why did that take so long? I give George Bush and Colin Powell great credit for that leap of imagination and courage in the face of a powerful Israeli lobby). But the Palestinians cannot ascend to nationhood because they cannot resolve their internal disagreements. Mahmoud Abbas knows it would be impossible to force HAMAS and the other radicals including Al Aqsa Martyrs, a branch of the very Al Fatah group he heads, to accept a peace deal. But he will push harder than Arafat did.

      To Arafat the most important thing was keeping his people united, so he would never crack down on any group, even the people who were trying to kill him. He avoided division every chance he had, even when the result was stalemate.

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