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  • dehshid dehshid Aug 31, 2005 9:24 AM Flag

    where is our national guard and reserve

    another question, to be answer,,,,

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    • If you did it right you can save on electricity. You should be giving off enough glow to light your whole house.

    • satelites can not see INSIDE buildings, trucks or underground.

    • You might be able to hide the WMDs but you could never hide the extensive facilities where they were produced. Contrary to Urban Legend, you CANNOT make an effective atomic bomb in your garage.

    • You're right about the speculation Lisa. However it is widely believed speculation by many, including David Kay.


    • again, that is only speculation. i believe he was hiding something and i believe it was WMDs. Either they are still hidden in one of those underground bunkers the germans were building or they transported them out of the country, possibly in syria or ? BUT something was going on there....of course, i am only speculating too...

    • WHAT???? he had the U.S. military lined up at his border. There was no doubt that the U.S. was going in and taking him out. For saddam to continue the bluff of WMDs at that point was outrageous and suicidal. NO. I dont believe it although i do believe he was crazy and egotistical. I think he did have something to hide and he was willing to lose his position to protect his secret...something worse then the U.S. going in and taking him out.

    • Hey all,

      (From the link in the previous post)

      This is a brief from David Kay's final report to Congress.


      Document 42: Transcript of David Kay testimony before Senate Armed Services Committee, January 28, 2004

      Source: pdf/Iraq/kaytestimony.pdf

      David Kay appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee shortly after he resigned as special advisor to the Iraq Survey Group. Kay states, referring to the expectation that there would be substantial stocks of, and production lines for, chemical and biological weapons in Iraq, that "we were almost all wrong, and I certainly include myself here." He also notes that other foreign intelligence agencies, including the French and the German, also had believed that Iraq possessed such stocks and production lines. In addition, he discusses the issue of whether political pressure had any impact on the content of the October 2002 national intelligence estimate (Document 15). Kay also notes that "based on the work of the Iraq Survey Group � Iraq was in clear violation of the terms of [U.N.] Resolution 1441. He goes on to note the discovery of hundreds of instances of activities prohibited by U.N. Resolution 687.



    • Hey All,


      The following is a brief of Hans Blix's report to the U.N., dated January 27 and February 14, 2003.

      This is the link to the site -


      Document 23 : Hans Blix, An Update on Inspection, January 27, 2003.


      In Resolution 1441, adopted in November 2002, the U.N. Security Council called for progress reports from UNMOVIC and the IAEA two months after renewing inspections in Iraq. As head of UNMOVIC, Blix is responsible for overseeing inspections whose objective is to verify Iraqi chemical and biological warfare disarmament. Part of Blix's report reviews the sequence and content of U.N. resolutions dealing with the disarmament of Iraq.

      The key part of his paper, however, deals with the extent of Iraqi cooperation - with regard to both substance and process. With regard to process, while he states that "Iraq has on the whole cooperated rather well so far with UNMOVIC in this field," he does note a number of problems, including Iraq's refusal to guarantee the safety of proposed U.N. U-2 overflights as well as it insistence on sending helicopters into the no-fly zone to transport the Iraqis who serve as the inspectors minders. In addition, Blix notes "some recent disturbing incidents and harassment."

      With regard to cooperation on substance, Blix's report is more negative, noting that Iraq has failed to engage in the "active" cooperation called for in Resolution 1441. He questions Iraqi claims concerning the quality, quantity, and disposition of VX nerve gas produced by Iraq as well as claims that Iraq destroyed 8, 500 liters of anthrax. In addition, he reports that Iraq has tested two missiles in excess of the permitted range of 150 kilometers.

      The final portion of the report specifies how the inspection process can be made more fruitful - including the turning over of more relevant documents, lists of key personnel, and the facilitation of credible interviews.


      Document 30 : Dr. Hans Blix, Briefing of the Security Council, February 14, 2003.


      In accordance with UN Resolution 1441, UNMOVIC chief Hans Blix delivered a progress on his organizations activities in Iraq, its findings, and Iraqi compliance with the resolution.

      Blix noted that "so far UNMOVIC has not found any [weapons of mass destruction], only a small number of chemical munitions which should have been declared and destroyed." However, he also noted that many proscribed programs had not been accounted for, a matter that he characterized as being of "great significance." He specifically mentioned programs for the production of anthrax, VX nerve gas, and long-range missiles. He also noted the status of UNMOVIC investigations of the Al-Samoud and Al-Fatah missiles as well as casting chambers. With regard to Iraqi actions, he reported that Iraq had formed two commissions to search for relevant documents and that the National Monitoring Directorate had provided a list of 83 individuals who could allegedly verify destruction of chemical weapons and expresses his hope that Iraq will draw up a similar of individuals who participated in the destruction of biological warfare items.



    • I agree with you until you imagine that Saigon was going to be peacefully absorbed by the communist North. By the time we arrived in significant numbers, Ho Chi Minh, who had studied in America and spoken highly of our system of government, had gone wholly Stalinist (the Soviets had a way of corrupting their clientele, usually with the threat of firepower) and intended to impose a totalitarian society on the relatively highly educated, relatively prosperous and lighter-skinned people of and near Saigon. Saigon was not going to give up their way of life and become communist without a fight.

      The South failed to achieve a legitimate government, but they had notions of economic freedom and educational excellence that were not going to be tolerated by the Stalinist North. The best schools in Saigon were run by the Catholics who were not tolerated in the North. Most Saigoners were not Catholics, but they respected and utilized the Catholic schools.

      When the South fell in 1975, educated people came under the most fire. Professors and scientists were mostly sent to re-education camps. In many cases their glasses were confiscated in an eerie similarity to the Pol Pot holocaust next door. Tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of Saigon residents took their chances on escaping by sea on tiny rafts where they knew they would be preyed upon by pirates who would steal their possessions, even their gold teeth and violate their reproductive organs, all to escape the brutal repression from the North. And it was truly an invasion as the National Liberation Front, which North Vietnam had insisted was the legitimate spokesman for the communist South holding up negotiations for several months, disappeared as soon as Saigon fell. Some of its members ended up in re-education camps as well.

    • Lisa Lisa. You have already had it pointed out to you numerous times that the inspectors WERE there and doing their jobs. They just weren't finding any evidence of WMDs.
      At the beginning of the war one of our main concerns was to get them out before we started the "Shock and Awe" bit. We were afraid Sadam would hold them hostage but he did not. Every time he complied with one of our demands we just upped the ante.
      The war was a foregone conclusion the day Bush took office.

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