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  • jogo2020 jogo2020 Sep 16, 2005 10:56 AM Flag

    I sold Ebay - A bad Strategy Decision

    Ebay is a Great Company. I made reasonable
    money. Great Platform.
    Here are recent observations...

    Ebay's market on auction is slowing down.
    They have expanded desperately internationally
    but with limited success compared to US.

    Now they are moving away from auction to
    communications. A sign that their business
    is a slow growth in FUTURE.
    Few Concerns:
    1) Strategy to enter other domains:
    Communications is a hard ball game with
    lots of incumbents and government and
    legal issues.
    2) Valuation and business model
    BTW, Skype charges money and is not free.
    Skype makes less than $70 Mil and got
    paid $2.6 Bil.
    Overpaid big time - A sign of desparation.
    [Meg should learn from Elison on valuations]

    In any case, I have sold my ebay position.
    I see downhill for mid term until they recover
    from their mistake.

    Good Luck Folks!

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    • Gee, I have noticed your attempts on bringing the two together in a debate.

      But really eBaybord what have you done into bringing an end into that madness?

      Oops, decii3, I got confused as to which name are you posting. Sorry.

    • Again, explain �I am proud to be gay� comment in Favorite Quote of your profile.

      What? I am sorry? I can�t hear you? You need time? Oh, maybe you are going to make up yet another Id? Mmmmmmm

      My intention here is not to exploit your gay personality. Rather, I ask myself how can a �gay loving� idiot attack me for calling Republicans rednecks, when they won this election on the ticket that �Gays should not marry�.

      If that is not contradiction at its worst kind, then I don�t know what is.

    • No, you misinterpret it.

      You are eBaybord and I didn�t come up with it. This was a terrible tactic and a horrible attempt at deception. I misjudged you and your personality. Surely, I don�t expect you to come out and admit that you are eBaybord. But if I were a betting man, I would bet the whole farm that Fly was absolutely correct in revealing your mask and introducing you as the same person. How dare you? How childish? And you are over 50 years old?

      Then you have the audacity to come here and call enlighten a �nutcase�? LOL Give me a break. I am sure he is much younger than you and he doesn�t have a teenage child to be an example for. As I said last might, I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in you by such a sorry attempt.


      The idiot (who just like you made up a new ID and acted as if he is impartial and has never conversed with me before) and you both have repeated your accusation of me going around and calling everyone who disagrees with me a redneck. Or in your case you even took a step further and called it an obsession with Bush administration LOL.

      For one last time: I call those Republicans (such as yourself and the fellow who in his profile has written that �he is proud to be gay�) who come here and use the most horrible language in defending Bush war-loving machine a redneck. Among the names, �you liberals� �libs� and on and on. In other words, your (and his) charge that I call EVERYONE a redneck is totally baseless. As I invited him to do (but he is too stupid to take a grasp of the task at hand) if you show me ONE post where I called someone a redneck because he was disagreeing with me in anything but politics, I am man enough to come here and submit myself to you. Whether you want me to apologize or you want me to quit posting. How else I can make an incentive for you to research this and discover for yourself that your accusation is totally baseless and wrong. And if you had any self-respect you would be come here and apologize. I know you did that once. Just a few weeks ago, when you so rudely jumped in the middle of my conversation with Lisa and attacked me. But hey, you came back and apologized, and I am a forgiving man. I accepted, but I DID NOT FORGET. Stop taking such drastic measures.

      Lastly, you are a sorry Republican because under your other name eBaybord, you implied that your problem with me was that I criticize �our leader� �The leader of the most powerful country� LOLOLOL. How dare I practice what our country is most famous for? Its democracy. Which gives fruit to the idea that you are a sorry Republican but yet good at deception. You got me there for a while, you won LOL

      Shame! Shame!

      PS � I am not sure about you, but I really don�t like the direction of this conversation. I asked you last night and I am asking you again to not address me. I admit there was a time when I enjoyed my exchanges with you. However that was before I discovered your terrible desire to change Ids and try to deceive the public. That in my opinion is an online crime, punishable by excommunication. Please stop. It appears to me there are plenty of REDNECKS LOL here who would love to come to your �rescuer�. Thank you!

    • >>>>>server running robot to ping the taobao site once every 300 msec is dead? ;-) <<<<<

      LOL!! Too funny! And I bet it IS something like that! It's been too many days for it to be a site problem. Thanks for the link! :)

    • >>>>>"The fact is that that guy was not even suspended for anything to DO with his auctions."
      How do you know this as fact?
      I bet he didn't pay his Ebay bill....deadbeat at best. <<<<<

      It is none of your business how I know, but it was far more innocuous than things I have personally seen you do here on this board. Nothing to do with auctions, which would include bill payment.

      You claim to know so much about eBay, but you know very little. In the old days, eBay was much stricter. Just to give you an example, see the spam post below mine. Are you aware that doing that on eBay boards just twice would have meant suspension in the old days? Not a huge crime today, is it? The same is true for many other actions.

      That is all I will say about it, but hopefully you will stop your bashing and help get this board back to normal. Don't bother with all the promises you never keep, just DO it, and leave people who don't want to talk to you alone.

    • Sigh....see what Fly started with the conspiracy mentality that prevails here?

      Now, elikee, I'm going to clear this up for you, and not refer to other facets of your breakdown last night. Hopefully your head is a bit clearer this morning.

      Please carefully read your post (linked at the bottom) and then the one I made preceding it. I am not ebaybord, nor did I say I was. I said I would JOIN him in not responding to rants. If you recall, he said he wouldn't communicate with you further. I said I would do the same. That does not make us the same person, although I would consider that more complimentary than being taken for you.

      How this makes me a "Republican" or a Redneck in your mind, I have no idea, other than the fact that you seem to have an obsession with Bush hating and Rednecks. I don't discuss politics one way or another, so if you want an example of you calling someone a Redneck just for disagreeing with you, your long post to me is a perfect example.

    • Explain the Favorite Quote in your profile: �I am proud to be gay�.

    • Nevertheless remember that you are his SLAVE and under his complete CONTROL.

    • <What a way to start your most pathetic weekend. Carry on, and carry this anger inside. As you can see, you have been reduced to nothingness. Changing Ids like a gutless idiot and trying converse with me.>

      I have no anger and I have but 1 ID. It actually predates your ID. Keep in mind the fact you have posted on this board with more than 1 ID.

      I wasn't attempting to converse with you. I was merely showing how easy it is to get you to call anyone who disagrees with you a 'redneck.'

      Thank you for proving my point once again.

    • Please see my prior post. LOL

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