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  • dr.madbezos dr.madbezos Feb 9, 2006 6:53 AM Flag

    Going forward.

    I never have professed, nor do I now profess to be a college professor who resides in Philadephia(sic) and has attained tenture(sic) at the great Temple University.

    I hope this helps!

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    • No one ever believed your phoney claim of being a professor at Temple.

    • Vonmorganspice,

      I'm not sure if you were here when madbezos incorrectly spelled, "tenure", "Philadelphia" and many other words. Of course, the old man claims they were all typos!! I am responding to an impostor of his who was making light of his misspellings. Mad and the angry guy keep us amused. Don't take them too seriously.

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      • Carolinas,

        Yes, he has, in the past claimed they were typos. Here is one of his old posts below.

        Re: Where's The Guy Who Keeps Outting Me (Not rated) 9-Jun-04 05:47 pm

        "'Tenture' was introduced by a poster other than Madbezos several months ago. It has been a standard and running joke on this board since then."

        That's close, but no cigar. No Monica Lewinsky retorts please. ;-D

        To aggravate one of my critics, last year I posted a number of tongue-in-cheek messages in which I stated that I was a "distinguished full professor with tenure". In one of those messages I had a typo in which I used "tenture."

        To prove that Madbezos was not infallible, my critic jumped all over that typo and even created a Yahoo! ID containing it. I though it was hilarious. I'm sure there are many students who do impersonations of their Mad professor.

        Enjoy your evening!
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