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  • starsportscards starsportscards Jul 28, 2006 5:06 PM Flag

    It didn't have to be this way (Ebay)

    There are many problems with Ebay that many here that have pointed out. I don�t want to see Ebay go under because I have 8 years invested in them as a seller and buyer. Management is a one of their biggest problems. Both buyers and sellers were migrating towards instant purchase formats which included the stores. Investors started getting worried when Ebay was naturally moving away from the auction format and the stock price continued to fall (among other decisions made by management; free China listings, paying too much for Skye, etc.). Trying to force the sellers back to an auction format was IMO a knee-jerk reaction by management to try to get the stock price back up.

    Ebay has a PR disaster on their hands on the way they handled things. I believe many of these things will backfire on them. I know they like to tout that the store listings only make up 9% of total sales. What they don�t tell you is that with store listing and auctions store sellers make up about a third of Ebay�s total sales. I also believe store listing sales would be much higher if management hadn�t pulled them from the main search engine.

    This disaster could have been better handled by management.

    1. Would have been to educate the investors on instant purchase formats. Let them know they were the future of Ebay and why. They are much more convenient than waiting for an auction to be over or finding out if you won an item or not. Auctions would have still been in the mix.

    2. The growing listings on Ebay could have been easily remedied by putting caps on the amount of items per store level. You wouldn�t have to necessarily raise fees but you could charge more for stores at different items levels.

    3. The item longevity could have easily been remedied by taking away the �Good Till Canceled� option. That is where items automatically relist every 30 days. Make the seller relist items every 30 days. That way the seller can judge more if it is worth listing an item for another 30days.

    4. Incentives for sellers to run more auctions.

    This whole ordeal could have dealt with much, much better. Instead, you have a management team that has made another blunder. I�m at ground zero selling on Ebay and it didn�t have to go down the way it did. Now, you have sellers leaving or reducing the amount of business they do with Ebay. Ebay strongly needs new Management.


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