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  • rocket_science88888 rocket_science88888 Oct 10, 2006 12:31 AM Flag

    eBAY... and Google's buying spree

    Looks like Google is on a buying spree. Today Google bought YOUTUBE

    Our broker told us that Google NEEDS what eBAY HAS - namely PAYPAL and also SKYPE.

    So.....Watch eBAY. Google SHOULD be ready make its move on eBAY - i.e.- to exchange Google shares for eBAY shares on a ratio of 8 to one, 9 to one, or maybe 10 shares of eBAY for one share of Google stock.

    If that were to happen, watch eBAY share-prices Rally sharply and massively!

    Google WILL acquire eBAY, in our opinion - and when it does, it will be a win-win situation all around!

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    • Do ya really think google wants ebay management.... i don't think so. With all the problems here they would be better off waiting and buying ebay name real cheap

    • eBAY and Google will make a perfect match - a great acquisition!

    • It will be a definite WIN-WIN for everybody once Google gets eBAY.

      Google would get PAYPAL.

      Google will get eBAY.

      And Google will get SKYPE.

      All huge money generators.

      Just watch the 10-18-06 eBAY earnings report. eBAY earnings should be up STRONGLY and SOLIDLY.

      Then, eBAY shares should aggressively move into
      the mid-$30s range in approx. one week - and on solid earnings!

      Then, imo, Google could make its move to acquire eBAY.

    • Two positive comments.

      Google will acquire eBAY in a stock swap.

      On October 18th, eBAY's earning numbers are going to be great.

      Then, watch eBAY's share price rally to the mid-30's range - in my humble opinion.

    • I've heard the same rumor on the street. and i believe that it's very probable that ebay will be acquired by google, and probably in the very near future.

      there is nothing as great as paypal. google tried, but failed to match paypal with its technology.

      the most logical course for google is to buy out ebay for its valuable assets! a stock swap would be easier, and a win-win for both ebay and google.

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