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  • gt3meup gt3meup Jan 4, 2007 10:17 AM Flag

    ebay price increase = Retarted

    Ebay is a business, it has costs and shareholders to please, it is not a charity and you should expect that with every business they will charge you for their services. I agree they have improvements to make but I'm also sure they will get there,eventually. As a business this stock is much bigger than just an auction site, Skype has years to grow and will dominate the residential VOIP markets over the next 5 years. You've got to read this if you don't believe me:
    Look ahead 5 years and make your own mind up , will Skype, Paypal and Ebay be dominant market players, I know what i think which is why my �20k will stay for the long haul.

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    • in 5 years ebay will have to fight new competitors like a google version of ebay, voice over Ip has a TON of competition i do not see that as a massive growth area.. at least not massive enough to keep up w/ ebays historic growth.

      paypal? try google check out combined w/ googlebay.

      naw.. ebay is a business and it must pleasae the shareholders but pissing on your sellers whom bring home the bacon to the shareholders is not the way to do it.

      im done with ebay though. I can sell 95% of my items on other sites. Ill get a googlecheck out account just so i dont have to keep getting raped by paypal.

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