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  • ebayalphamale ebayalphamale Jun 26, 2008 10:04 AM Flag

    Goodbye $30. Goodbye $29 Goodbye $28 But Ebay Is STILL a Bad Buy!

    Everyone caught that major melting last night and knew it was a great short again today, didn't they?

    It's such easy money! Too easy! And WAY too profitable!

    Isn't it godawful funny how hard a little gaggle of failures live up here every minute hating beyond hate, and how that same old bunch of old men work and work and work to make any personal opinion not pro-ebay a deadly proposition for posters on these pages?

    Can you think of any losers more worthy of what is coming at them as the fraudulant Enron that Meg built collapse down around them exposing their online crimes to the light of day?

    I find it truly amusing to enjoy my millions of easy dollars quiet and relaxed while they live here spamming, bashing, hating, erasing posts and deleting posters, making threats in a public forum, daily, year after year, as ebay sinks.

    Isn't it a fine world after all as daily justice smokes them out of their terrorist caves?

    It's way too easy to profit over this bunch. Way too easy to laugh at them and see them collapse publicly.

    A better world is coming. Soon.

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    • I see you've been wrong for many years now!
      An alpha still in beta mode ~ LOL

    • Way to go Alphamale! The shorting profits just keep filling our banks while ebay keeps lying and wrecking its own sellers and investors. We all know you'll never be stopped. ,,

    • I guess some free speech haters can encourage Tool Fool to post dozens of spams an hour but can't handle it when someone correct about ebay falling from $41 posts! So is it ebay deleting truths? Or the Tool Fool? Tell me what was illegal in this posted earlier:

      Yawn! It's almost too predictable a call to even say it, but I will:

      Ebay has delivered not only a very profitable short, again, and set up another new high to short, again, but allowed me yet another five day weekend to enjoy my wealth.

      It goes without saying but remember Dr. Correct and his zine predicted ebay's crash back at $43, and it's fallen ever since.

      Isn't it great that ebay profits the shorts while it wrecks its own sellers and long investors?

      Way to go ebay! Thanks a million. Many millions!

      It's still great to be The King!

    • It's funny to see Heroin Dad Tool Fool sitting up here fake crashing peoples recs. Those tiny stars sure push a Bimp's buttons.

      I guess some punks will do anything to avoid saving their daughters!

      Oh well, at least he crashed ebay.

      The rest will soon be fixed.

    • Yet another ebay severe collapse.


      Yet another HUGE weekend melt by Heroin Dad Tool Fool. Again!

      And your little parting typo gift there makes that certain you sly dog you.


    • marketendgaming marketendgaming Aug 29, 2008 10:01 AM Flag

      True Alpha, simple reading makes money. For instance, by properly reading the tea leaves on ebay we see the paid pumpers here will sink to any depth of lies, delusion and fantasy (latest example Meg for VP of the Granpa Old Pooped Panties Torture Party) and yet any thinking person knows ebay couldn't/wouldn't keep $25. One just steps aside for the rampant manipulation then gets major profits on a continuing short strategy. And, while my millions of dollars comfort me, be sure to note the paid pumpers melting badly over my Maserati Collection, yeah, it's from the Rove playbook of avoiding issues and howling over trivia yet that nonsense props their delusions for yet another of their lonely failed days. But seriously, what's yet another delusion in the trashed USA that was founded, perpetuated and is now fanilly collapsing over lives built on lies and delusions. ,,

    • All true and correct Bendingit, but you'll be more successful if you'll note proper dates and times, and allow ebay's manipulation to pick your fine new shorting position.

      Making cash on this failing stock is too easy if you pay attention.

      Ebay's a money maker for everyone but the ebay longs. Oh well. It's still great to be Your King.

    • A bump for Alpha

    • Hey Guys! The battle for ebay's $24 is fully engaged and ebay's hurting bad. Won't be much longer and my ID will say it all!

      Ebay just keeps sinking.

      And that's simply deserved.


    • Hi Ebayalpha, Thanks for sending me your information and zine. I have made incredible shorting profits on this stock.

      Ebay's had a very long predictable collapse. It has more to go.

      Ebay keeps digging its own grave in a world with an ever declining number of mourners.

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