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  • ebayis.chartis ebayis.chartis Jul 3, 2008 10:36 AM Flag

    Is Ebay Half Fraud Or Half Con Job Ponzi Scheme?

    Is ebay the world's most fraud and theft ridden company with the most fraudulant manipulated stock or is it simply the logical outcome of a world gone mad by insider trading, corruption, slush money, and lying PR flacks, meeting an endless line of suckers, bagholders and scared economic sheep?

    Thoughts? LOL!

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    • what a fucked up board this is

    • You mean, does ebay know that the bad guys are literally buying ebay india accounts and the paypal accounts linked to them on the open market, in forums, for the purpose of 1. Ripping off Consumers and 2. Avoiding ebay fees, the answer is yes. eBay wants the consumer to believe that they actually have a chance of getting an iphone cheap.

      Consumer gets ripped off b/c the product is an $89 in lots of 100 knockoff.
      eBay gets paid.
      Buyers are drawn to the dream.
      Scam artist closes account after he empties the funds, wash, rinse, repeat.

      Everyone wins, right? oops sorry about the consumer, well I guess they can dispute the charges. caching!

      ebay is a knowing partner with the scammers and the stockholders really should be aware of it. If they don't care then they are as dirty as the scammers.

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