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  • affluent_token affluent_token Aug 14, 2008 10:29 PM Flag



    PayPal and eBay I just read are under federal investigation for illegally holding funds after a transaction is conducted, also for forcing eBay members to use PayPal as the payment / credit card processor, also for collecting interest for money that does not belong to them, also for forcing members to use the United States Postal Service through PayPal to print shipping labels..should I keep going? Sell this stock before you cannot get out in time!


    Make sure to ship the item right away, so you'll have access to the funds sooner. We'll release the hold in 21 days unless you receive a dispute, claim, chargeback, or reversal on the transaction subject to the hold.
    We may release the hold earlier if either of the following occurs: the buyer leaves you positive feedback on eBay, or we confirm that the item was delivered.* We can confirm delivery if you ship the item with USPS, FedEx, or UPS, and either use PayPal shipping labels or upload tracking information from the transaction details page. This applies to transactions within the United States.

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    • NARU is ebay speak, for someone who has been kicked off of the site. It stands for Not A Registered User. They need a new catagory for IDs that have voluntarily left ebay, for greener pastures elsewhere, but that would just make them look even worse. Ebay mismanagement, and the pumpers are both sucking from the same hose.

    • "The loud cryers always get more attention."

      True. I see quite a few folks are paying attention to you....and laughing.

      Ebay CAN be fixed. Don't get me wrong. It WAS a good company and can be again. I just think it's going to take a Microsoft (or whoever) to come in, buy it and put it back on the path to what made it boom in the first place.

      Gotta go. Y'all have fun.

    • Oh yes, I'm still registered. Just bought a couple things (Fusion Razor refills and poker 'Dealer' buttons) there in the past few weeks. Actually left positive feedback for both this morning. While there, I decided to pop in and check the Ebay forums to see the latest rumblings. It was bad, so that led me to here to check on the Yahoo stock forum.

    • Sorry, I don't live and breath Ebay, so I'm not "up" on all of your terminology.

      I simply know that I left it (as a seller) and everyone I know personally who were sellers there have left too, thanks to Ebay and Paypal's crazy changes over the last several months. With Meg Whitman's departure earlier this year, Ebay began a meteoric drop in seller friendliness.

    • Only a true idiot would continue to claim that everybody unhappy with ebay is a NARU.

      Strong companies daily fall by the wayside over such falsly arrogant thinking. Ebay can too. Easily.

    • What is a 'NARU' if I may ask?

      Don't know about that, but I seriously see much more dissent against Ebay and Paypal than I see support for them.

    • Paypal is the most unethical companies with have ever dealt with. They have held our money for weeks under the guise of security. They made an accounting error in our account ask for our bank documentation, we furnished it, they never contacted us and turned us over to a collection agency. We had our bank check everything and they did the faxes. We used email for correspondence for our records to start. They X out all dates in the responses, and they are always vague and want you to call. They lie on the phone.

      I don't want to go into the details here but we have 100% feedback on eBay for over 400 sells, and have had paypal for over 8 years. We did about $4,000 worth of business a year on eBay. I know this is not much but I know for a fact that many folks have left eBay this year. They have changed the rules and you must use paypal if you are a new account. You can't leave negative feedback as a seller. If you have a dispute with Paypal like we do you have to go to court in Calif. We are checking locally to see if we have recourse here in our state since we use a local bank to fund our account.

    • It is a start of the fall into the deep ominous pits of anti-trust, racketeering, monopolies, FTC lawsuits. ROFLMAFAO

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