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  • doctor.correct doctor.correct Sep 22, 2008 9:59 AM Flag

    Ebay Is A Giant Unsecure Money Parking Lot. $43 to Now. Falling.

    Don't you hate it when you park a fine Mercedes downtown and come back to find your tires, rims and stereo gone? That's the exact feeling ebay investors get when they park their money, say $43 a share, in ebay, and come back to find $23 a share sitting in their account. A sinking feeling indeed.

    Ebay stock has never paid any kind of dividend. It's "value" has always been predicated on a much touted "growth" by the company, its insiders and its many lying paid pumpers, and it's had a long history of never really having that "growth". In fact, ebay stock has been dead money walking for over five years now.

    The only ebay "growth" we ever see is in the ever growing unhappiness and dissatisfaction of its bidders sellers and users. And the always growing losses of its investors.

    With the recent socialization of Wall Street's toxic "assets" and the fact of the average American taxpayer is now saddled with many trillions of dollars in debt for generations to come, not just on the bailouts, but on the ongoing failed wars of a failed empire, I don't think selling any amount of grandma's Walmart "collectables" is going to be a "growth" industry anywhere except on every American front yard and I expect that trend to hold until every American is so far under water in debt Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau ghost needs a ghostly bathosphere to find it.

    We've just entered the final crash of the GW bankster fraudster coup. There is no calvary coming to save the day and there is no goodwill for America left in the world as things get worse for the American taxpayers. In this growing storm, the fraudsters want you to rack up more ebay debt and stock losses.

    You've been warned about this for eight years. It's a direct result of the Florida 2000 vote fraud and nearly the final nail of achieved goals of the Nazi banker Prescott Bush's family as enacted through his grandson. It will simply be furthured by both major candidates.

    As my best friend always says: That's just the way it is!! !!

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    • Good morning Doc W and Market. It's a blessing to have Doctor Correct's zine warning us about the great new shorting highs. Yes, ebay can stock buy back all it wants to for these tiny little daily blips but we all know its overall trend is down down down and it's just too easy to profit by that knowledge.

      Thanks for giving us the extra stab at crashing $12 ebay!

      It's just too easy! Too easy!

    • Unsecure? Maybe that wordsmith guy would like to set this straight.

    • Hi Doctor W, it was easy to win the bet. We have all seen this unsecure ebay money parking going lower and lower handing long investors less and less of the cash back that they had parked here. It was too funny to see ebay jump back up after my bet only to crash yet again but he won't bet me again. Now he's just another ebay long investor who sees the truth that ebay stock is simply an investment loss, too bad for him that it cost him 3 Masaratis, just like it's too bad for the last few ebay pumpers here to be wrong every day and sit around 247 melting hard about my Masertis and Maseratis in general, because they played right into the Doctor's plans for their stock's demise. It is a great new era to see smarter people winning while stupid people crash fast and hard. Are the fires getting close? They'll get it all eventually. ,,

    • Oh sleeping beauty there you are!

      I didn't mean to awaken you but sleeping in past 10am isn't good.

      It's JELLY DONUT time! LOL

    • Hi Market, Congrats on winning your bet. I knew you would. The cars are cool and are a great addition to your collection.

      Wow! Doctor Correct's zine saved us again as ebay initiated its buyback program and slammed the shorts only to land back in the gutter again.

      This time I got brave and shorted it, then rode it up long to short it again for the triple profits!

      Wow! I can do this again and again! And sick old ebay stock will let me. PS: Way to ignore the spamming sicko posting at you. Double cool!

    • "Bet today will be another. ,,"


      "but made a side bet with our local bagholder that ebay would lose the teens and won three of his finest vintage Maseratis"

      Oops! You spoke too soon!

    • Hey Alpha, hey Docs, hey everybody! We see the ebay unsafe cash parking lot cost more long investors their money, just like always. It's been even more profitable to me as I got not only my usual shorting windfall profits, but made a side bet with our local bagholder that ebay would lose the teens and won three of his finest vintage Maseratis to add to my collection. Rich get richer. It is just another great day in ebay's longterm and agonizing demise. Bet today will be another. ,,

    • Hey Doctor C, Market, Dr w, and all the faithful wealthy zine readers. We see ebay gave us all yet another fine new shorting position as ebay continues its very predictable and easily called graveyard run to the outskirts of Enronville.

      It's closer to ZERO than it is to that recent $41 a share. That tells all investors what a sick stock it is. Too obvious! Too easy! Crash.

      And then burn. Too easily called.

      So profitable. Too easy! Too easy! Thanks again Doctor Correct!

    • Yes Market our Dr Correct was once again correct. It's too funny ebay has given us another weak new high to short today. It's just too easy!

      Doctor, I'll join you in DC because it will be fun to be an insider for a change. Peace protesters know how to fix these wars of empire as the protesters were right all along and who better to fix the market mess than those who profited so easily on the purposefully created bailout crisis?

      It will be a fine day when all the Bush damage starts getting fixed. It'll be just too easy! Too easy!@

    • Hi Doctor Correct! I see you're as correct as always, as the ebay long investors see even less money today then they put into this yesterday. The whole world cheering Obama and there's now hope of a great new era coming where all the GW invasions, torture and spying is stopped and America may become less of a rogue state and threat to the earth. Good luck on your new job. I'm sure your stock predicting skills that made sank ebay and made you the youngest CEO and owner of your company will put eventually America back on the correct path. ,,

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