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  • ebayis.chartis ebayis.chartis Jan 14, 2009 11:41 AM Flag

    Ebay Is Still A Giant Insecure Parking Lot. $43 to $13. Falling.

    I think we all see exactly what you are talking about Doctor Correct, especially today, when ebay shows its true colors: red.

    Of course, it's great to be part of the lucky lucky group who profits over these ebay dunkings, but what do the daily fools here try to tell themselves to keep enough dignity to even stay alive after being so wrong wrong wrong all the time?

    What do they tell investors? What do they tell their friends? And as they wallow in their failures, what do they tell their neglected kids?

    In life their are winners and losers, too bad the losers own this board while the winners generally stay quiet. And win. And profit.

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    • Ebay certainly displayed to us all exactly what it's about today!

      To those who pumped ebay at every level there is shock and horror. The pain of being utterly fraudulant.

      To those of us who knew it and were ready: Kaaaachinggggg!!!!!!

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      • DrCarfeul, should BE MORE CAREFUL!!!!

        Make sure, you are not too critical of ebay and paypal, or else:

        they can track you down and close your ebay and Paypal accounts,
        if they find these message board postings you made.

        Both ebay and paypal, are nice enough to allow you to use their services (THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE)!

        So, please be a bit nicer to Paypal and eBay, ok.

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