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  • doctor.correct doctor.correct Dec 30, 2008 9:34 AM Flag

    Ebay Is Still A Giant Insecure Parking Lot. $43 to $13. Falling.

    Dec 30 still accurate from Dec 19, 2008: Hi Market, Alphamale, Dr W, Ebayis and any of many pals out there.

    We see ebay paid pumpers working overtime yet Ebay still stuck in the $13s (and falling) at ebay's busiest sales season of the year tells the investors a reality far beyond any of the spam.

    Ebay has been far more than cut in half just in 2008 alone. Ebay has been taught (yet another) powerful lesson, but it still fails to see it, and is still one of the ripest short stocks available today.

    Remember $43 a share not long ago? Ebay fell almost every day after my call for its collapse. Now the bar is set even lower. Expect the same slow ongoing demise of ebay.

    #1. You can't disrespect sellers when they are the revenue source.

    #2. You can't disappoint investors time and again or they simply find another place to park their money.

    #3. You can't hire pumpers to say any facts about ebay that are not glowing is simply NARU hate. When sellers and bidders leave for any reason it's a sign that investors should notice.

    Ebay has ripped off buyers, ripped off sellers. Police blotters the world over are sick of overwelming complaints. Investors are tired of seeing less and less of their cash here day after day and tired of a decade of promises as ebay falls.

    #4. Once bad management, negative will and foul practices have taken route stocks rarely get a second chance.

    But don't worry bagholders, ebay's ongoing stock buyback scamming can inflate it again and again for the shorts. But careful shorts, many short squeezes are in line on our eventual path to ebay's delisting as just another Enron.

    I don't see how that helps longs. Not one bit. The people who parked $43 dollars here got robbed.

    People who parked $15 or $16 here are being robbed. People parking $14 here got robbed. $43 down to $13 is a massive fall. It will not take much more to push this stock down and out forever.

    Word is getting out about ebay.

    This was all easily predicted. I predicted this back at $114. Fact. I'll never regret the fortune I've made shorting this stock.

    And it all can be easily continued as the unlying issues allowing it have not changed. I will post this post as often as needed because every investors here can see that the pumpers remove these facts. It doesn't change them though, does it? Ebay keeps on falling.

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    • It really IS too easy to profit by shorting Ebayalpha! All one has to do is keep an eye on every headfake ebay high and short it to the hilt! It's easy money and leaves plenty of free time to explore the Italian hillsides in one of my many fine and fast Maseratis. Unlike the paid pumper low lifes who have to live here puking their lies out daily. ,,

    • I shorted ebay this mornig and lost my azz!


    • Gee, it is just too easy shorting ebay to major wealth! It's too easy!

      Especially with all the public melt by the paid ebay pumpers lately it is just too easy to make incredible shorting profits! It's too easy!

      They are getting far worse mentally if you know what I mean and I know you do.

      I don't know why they think they're helping their company. If ebay had a brain they'd yank their chain but they just keep on Donaho'ing their own investors.

      With fiends (no typo) like that who needs enemies ebay?

      It's just too easy! Too easy!

      Just too easy and profitable to keep shorting ebay! It's too easy!

    • Great post. You are 100% right. I wish the company suits woiuld get the message and listen to the people. They had such a great thing going and the greed policies are just killing it.

    • I guess you really don't own one!

      Seeing what the redline is as easy as looking thru the window.

      Want to give a guess at it? LOL

      PS: I know what it is because a close friend just bought one of those Gizmo S's whatever(sic).

    • You're only 26 minutes late on your short call but it's NOTED!

      PS: What is that Maserati's redline? ? ?

      Inquiring minds would like to know!

    • Whoops!!! Easy money shorting ebay yet again! Yet again. It slips into the red faster than a finely tuned Maserati's tachometer, ensuring big profits for all who know the facts and avoid the lying paid ebay pump machine. Just the facts: Ebay has crashed. Again. Heading for $10 as Doctor Correct has already told us. ,,

    • marketendgaming marketendgaming Mar 16, 2009 10:46 AM Flag

      Isn't it too easy Ebayis? Plenty of money in the bank, never a need to melt like the paid pumpers, and all the beautiful days in the world to drive my fine tuned Maseratis. Life has a bountiful smile toward us! ,,

    • Yet another straight down predicted ebay plunge! Chock another one up for Doctor Correct's amazing 'zine.

      It's practically free money up here letting ebay climb up only to fall on its very own sword. Again!

      Plunge! Profitable plunge!

      Yet another!

    • It's just too easy to catch another brand new shorting high knowing as the latest version on ebay's lies fall on the rocks, and the insiders unexpensed shares get sold, ebay is going to plunge back down a whole lot faster than it came up.

      Ebay is tops at enriching its own management at the expense of its own investors and these crimes do not just happen in a vaccuum. This POS has long lost the public trust and more lies will just whiplash it back down so fast it will make the paid pumpers heads spin faster than the exorcist, and they're already far uglier and more full of puke.

      So just note how ebay reams its own investors again and know that it's too easy to profit by shorting on every great faked high.

      It's just too easy! Too easy!

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