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  • doctor.correct doctor.correct Apr 1, 2009 7:16 AM Flag

    Ebay Is Still One Giant Unsecure Parking Lot. Still.

    I first posted this headline back in Dec 2008. It's still accurate. As a visionary investors, I remind you that I predicted and profited from ebay's major collapse from $43 and no matter who doesn't like that fact, there are never any tos vioaltions in my posts and these naysayers only work toward my long term benefit. A simple fact.

    The nicest thing about residing in DC now, is getting a 3 hour start on the Californians who destroyed this board and this stock.

    I also get to help make policy and see it enacted. There are few nice ways out of the cluster.... Bush left this nation in, and though I am not thrilled with the new boss, due to his following Bush's failed policies, at least he's articulate and open to actual knowledge and keeps the wrong wingers lathered.

    From Dec 19, 2008:

    We see ebay paid pumpers work 247 yet Ebay still stuck in the $13's (and falling) at ebay's busiest sales season of the year tells the investors a reality far beyond any of the spam.

    Ebay has been far more than cut in half just in 2008 alone. Ebay has been taught (yet another) powerful lesson, but it still fails to see it, and is still one of the ripest short stocks available today.

    Remember $43 a share not long ago?

    Ebay fell almost every day after my call for its collapse. Now the bar is set even lower. Expect the same slow ongoing demise of ebay.

    #1. You can't disrespect sellers when they are the revenue source.

    #2. You can't disappoint investors time and again or they simply find another place to park their money.

    #3. You can't hire pumpers to say any facts about ebay that are not glowing is simply NARU hate. When sellers and bidders leave for any reason it's a sign that investors should notice.

    Ebay has ripped off buyers, ripped off sellers.

    Police blotters the world over are sick of the high levels of online fraud complaints from ebay.

    Investors are tired of seeing less and less of their cash here every day and tired of a decade of lies and false promises as ebay falls.

    #4. Once bad management, negative will and foul practices have taken route stocks rarely get a second chance.

    But don't worry bagholders, ebay's ongoing stock buyback scamming can inflate it again and again for the shorts.

    But careful shorts, there are many short squeezes are in line on our eventual path to ebay's delisting as just another Enron.

    I don't see how that helps longs. Not one bit. The people who parked $43 dollars here got robbed.

    People who parked $41 or $39 here got robbed. People parking $36 $33 and $29 got robbed. $23 $21, $19 and $15 all the way to $13 was all stolen by ebay insiders during its massive fall.

    It will not take much more to push this stock down and out forever.

    Word is getting out about ebay.

    This was all easily predicted. I predicted this back at $114. Fact.

    I'll never regret making a fortune by shorting this and other stocks. If the powers that be set a fire, salvage what you can where you can and however you can, investing 101.

    This can all be easily continued as the unlying issues allowing it have not changed. I will post this as often as needed because every investor here can see that pumpers remove these facts.

    It doesn't change those facts at all though does it?

    Ebay just keeps on falling.

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    • Good morning Doctor C! Once again, we see your always correct shorting plan deliver to the deserving! I am luckily fine after a big night of earthquakes. This month's shorting profits will all go to my friends and relations affected. My heart goes out to them all. And soon I'll be racing through the Italian roads again in one of my fine Maseratis. Now why would that ever bother any sane people? ,,

    • Wow Doctor! You continue to give us more earned income in the first few minutes of any given day than these failed ebay paid pumpers have given ebay longs for how many years now? We get a fine little short and set up for a new shorting high. So very predictable! That keeps my finely detailed Maseratis ripping across the pictureque Italian landscapes. Why would that worry anyone? ,,

    • I heard all this nonsense before. Ebay is an international brand with lots of cash and resources. None of their problems cannot be fixed. If one is not happy with eBay auction, can one go someplace else? The answer is no! It is a monopoly. You can bitch all you want, but at the end of the day, you will come back to this site and list your stuff. From 2002 to 2005 Ebay had a huge run, just like any other stock and the market in general, it crashed. Give it time, it will come back. Ebay has a profit margin of 20 plus percent; AMZN has a profit margin of three percent. Ebay has a price earning of 9, while AMZN has a PE of 60. Go ahead, sell ebay and buy AMZN.

    • Those are wise words. Very wise.

      Even nicer to see it in practice.

      That's beyond what any paid pumper will ever offer investors up here.

      All they have delivered is losses, major losses, to every long ebay investor. More to come.

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    • Can you explain why EBAY is up 30% over the past month? When is this crash you are predicting going to take place?

    • Thanks for the easy easy cash once again Doctor Correct! It's just too easy. Too easy!

      I think it's funny the losers hang themselves on your every word when your zine readers get rich noticing ebay's buy back program and riding green, and then shorting when the ebay manipulation valve is turned off.

      What suckers retail investors are. They've seen ebay's buy back scams and still buy into every tiny bump on a truly failed stock. We get the green profits then we get the short profits. That's how men get rich, while the kiddies melt for free.

      It's just too easy! Way too easy!

    • rlbracchi Apr 3, 2009 2:08 PM Flag

      Now, it just has to TRIPLE from here, then go up ANOTHER buck, to make the $43 bagholders whole!

    • Wow Ebayis! Good profitable advice directly from Dr Correct's zine. It is a roller coaster ride now as we see paid ebay pumper shills melting hard as ebay's shareholder values go straight down an elevator shaft. Now why would a company who trashed its own customer base hire so many goons to fret over my collection of fine Maseratis? Odd isn't it? The investors are being shucked and the paid ebay pumping shills are doing the shucking. They melt hard as the investor's cash is being filed into insider's offshore accounts. This is the logical result when a proper dealing with Enron is withheld. The house of cards is rigged. Falling. Smart investors bet against the corrupt house for long term success. ,,

    • It's always too easy! Way too easy! Everyone knows ebay is a $10 stock lying to its investors so a man can make all kinds of cash shorting any and every new fake ebay high.

      It's so easy! Way too easy! Always!

      Now I'm not one of those brave rich souls like Doctor Correct who will ride the freen up and spend profits shorting the highs, but there's so much money for a day trading short why worry about it?

      It's just too easy! Way too easy! And highly profitable.

      Spin on pumping losers. My stash of cash puts your lies right in proper perspective. Every time. Too easy!

    • Wow Doctor Correct! Thanks again! That was some easy profit. Take a break he said and we took a break while ebay manipulated like crazy, those paid pumpers melted down like crazy and ebay simply handed us yet another beautiful shorting profit. Ebay and the pumpers forget that you can't get with a lie what the truth will knowck down, and now ebay's being knocked down again! As always. It's going to play a lot of games on its way to delisting. Meanwhile I get to live the high speed rich life in my fine collection of Maseratis. Why would any same person worry about that? ,,

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