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  • doctor.correct doctor.correct Apr 29, 2009 8:34 AM Flag

    Ebay Is Still One Giant Unsecure Parking Lot. Still.

    I first posted this headline back in Dec 2008 and it's still correct and accurate no matter how many paid pumpers have to delete it.

    As a visionary investor, I remind you that I predicted and profited from ebay's major collapse from $43 and no matter who doesn't like that fact, there are never any tos violations in my posts and these naysayers only work toward my long term benefit. A simple fact.

    As we have seen $16 melt like the winter snows. Same as any high.

    I reside in DC, and get to see up close the harvesting of America's wealth by unchecked unregulated corruption and ebay is just a tiny part of that just like Enron.

    I also get to help make policy and see it enacted. There are few nice ways out of the cluster.... Bush left this nation in as we continue the Bush plane wreck years albiet with a new pilot.

    I am not thrilled with the Obama, due to his following Bush's failed policies, but he is articulate and open to actual knowledge and keeps the wrong wingers lathered so I'll give him some time.

    We see ebay paid pumpers work 247 and Ebay's used its stock buyback program to bump to the $16's but we all see it can't keep it.

    Ebay was far more than cut in half just in 2008 alone. Ebay has been taught (another) powerful lesson, but it still fails to see it, and is still one of the ripest short stocks available today.

    Remember $43 a share not long ago?

    Ebay fell almost every day after my call for its collapse. Now the bar is set even lower. Expect the same slow ongoing demise of ebay.

    #1. You can't disrespect sellers when they are the revenue source.

    #2. You can't disappoint investors time and again or they simply find another place to park their money.

    #3. You can't hire pumpers to say any facts about ebay that are not glowing is simply NARU hate. When sellers and bidders leave for any reason it's a sign that investors should notice, or ignore at their peril.

    Ebay has ripped off buyers, ripped off sellers, and ripped off its own investors.

    Police blotters the world over are sick of the high levels of online fraud complaints from ebay.

    Investors are tired of seeing less and less of their cash here every day and tired of a decade of lies and false promises as ebay falls.

    #4. Once bad management, negative will and foul practices have taken route stocks rarely get a second chance.

    But don't worry bagholders, ebay's ongoing stock buyback scamming can inflate it again and again for the shorts.

    But careful shorts, there are many short squeezes are in line on our eventual path to ebay's delisting as just another Enron.

    I don't see how that helps longs. Not one bit. The people who parked $43 dollars here got robbed.

    People who parked $41 or $39 here got robbed. People parking $36 $33 and $29 got robbed. $23 $21, $19 and $15 all the way to $13 was all stolen by ebay insiders during its massive fall.

    It will not take much more to push this stock down and out forever.

    Word is getting out about ebay.

    I'll never regret making a fortune by shorting this and other stocks. If the powers that be set a fire, salvage what you can where you can and however you can, investing 101.

    This can all be easily continued as the unlying issues allowing it have not changed. I will post this as often as needed because every investor here can see that pumpers remove these facts.

    It doesn't change those facts at all though does it?

    Ebay just keeps on falling.

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    • Is this the great post you were referring to Market?

      Why would the ebay paid pumpers be working so hard to try and delete important posts?

      Doctor Correct made it too easy for us to profit!

      Too easy! Just too easy and we get to short this flaming zeppelin again and again!

      Meanwhile ebay longs daily go down in flames. Oh the humanity. It's just too easy! Way too easy!

      And profitable to short. Yes.

    • This is an excellent post... very well written and truthful... this message held its integrity while ebay stock cannot...

    • Let's take a walk in the past with the greatest Doctor Correct money making post of all time and thank that genius once again for pointing out the easiest money ever to be made in stocks. Once again ebay gave us a great new shorting high and once again I profited too well! Thanks Doctor Correct. Thanks again! I almost feel sorry for the bag holders on this stock but I'll never fell sorry for the really pathetic posters who think they can get up in other posters grills. I sense a major car wreck coming for them, yet my collection of vintage Maseratis will remain awesome, beautiful and unscathed. You know, the good people, they simply reap good. The pumpers will reap their ragged field of lies. It's simply the way of this world. Verily, so mote it be. ,,

    • Me too! It's so easy it almost goes without saying but I'll say it and say it and say it: short each and every ebay manipulated high and you too will have riches and free time to race through the awesome Italian countryside. Incredible Masaratis are optional. BMW is cool too. Or live on a chat board 247 melting about 'everyone is one poster while your ebay sinks into quicksand. Now that's a "life" bro'. LOL! ,,

    • I'm so glad I never parked any cash in this parking lot that's owned by theives and vandals.

      I simply short ebay to win!

      Again and again!

      It really is easy!

    • He's gotten short profit from every new high he's caught and he makes your broke @ss blast and fester 247 even though he is still not that man. Poor Johnie's sickness!

      Why aren't you getting a job drop out z50com? LOL!

    • What are you smoking?

      Ebay's up .28 cents!

      Maybe you should consider shorting Amazon. . .

    • What a well written and precient to this day post Doctor Correct.

      I see clearly why the paid pumpers try to obscure these predictions.

      Ironic, they make them come true.

      Keep up the shorting.

      This stock is dead money.

      • 1 Reply to id.dejour
      • Hi ID, Hi everyone! It goes without saying that we all owe Dr. Correct huge thanks for making us rich. It is wonderful that it continues to enrich us. I've really enjoyed that cash while also enjoying the peace and quiet that comes from ignoring the paid ebay pumpers here. I don't know why it upsets them except for the fact that they're hate doesn't cost me a dime and I drive a great collection of incredible Maseratis in my beautiful land as they simply cling by their gums daily pumping a losing stock. Now am ready to short yet another new high. It's easy! ,,

    • "I rode ebay down from $165 with the wise Doc Correct crowd and it's been fantastic! "

      Mr. Alpha and the 15 names you talk you yourself with,

      I will warn you only once! Never, ever talk for me. I have NEVER shorted ebay and never will. Everyone knows you have never shorted or gone long on any stock. How could you? You have no money. You have never held a job. Your fantasy world of talking to your countless/clueless other names about make massive profits on shorting ebay is sad. Why do you talk to yourself? Because no one here will engage with you? Figure it out.
      Again, never talk for me. I have been here over ten years and have had about enough of your charades.

    • WOW!

      I wonder how many suckers followed you off that short selling cliff!

      Tell us all again how easy it is to short Ebay. . .

      ROTFLMAO - Sorry your item didn't sell. LOL

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