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  • ebayis.chartis ebayis.chartis Oct 16, 2009 10:12 AM Flag

    Yawn. Another Predicatable Winning Short From $25.30

    Way to go Market! It's always great to be correct and it's even better to profit greatly from being correct. It is no mystery why we do it time and time again. Constantly. Ebay stock is simply a sham.

    It's no mystery why no one comes here bragging about buying ebay at $10 because ebay was totally trashed and on the ropes back then after its disgraceful fall from $43.

    The only way they propped it back to the 20's was the ebay insider's stock buy back program that bought how many millions of unexpensed shares that they'd handed out earlier to ebay employees.

    Yes investors. Ebay's value avalanche was temporarily stopped only by the stock buy back and huge helpings of FED cash from Goldman Sachs. So much for the free market. But it's certainly nice to know all this and profit by shorting this hollow hollow stock.

    EnJoy! I know you certainly will!

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    • marketendgaming marketendgaming Oct 20, 2009 10:03 AM Flag

      Hey Chartis! It worked again! Like a charm! It always does. Which is better: my wonderful loving family, my 3 day weekends, my incredible bank account, and having yet another very profitable shorting position fill my bank account further, having my great collection of classic Maseratis with near endless Italian alpine roadways to explore, the peace and quiet from always ignoring the board losers, or getting all 7 like its Christmas three times a week? Every week! LOL! The best part, the ebay bagholders thinking a slight run up into earnings stays any longer than an September snow. Belissimo! ,,

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      • Hey Market! Congrats on all the easy shorting money! I share that happiness and look forward to more.

        I'd also like to commend you for never participating in these endless board wars even though the melters wrongfully take their illnesses out on you. You are quite a man and deserve every bit of the success that you have.

        Cheers to even more!

        Isn't it super deja vu to be shorting ebay down from $25 again? Been here done that, took it to the bank.


      • Hey Marketendgaming! Of course it worked! I share the elation and profits with you as the Doctor Correct plan for ebay's final solution is rolling along just as as predicted.

        It's really funny to see ebay dropping from $25, just like the last time we did this, and even funnier to see the same board pumpers working overtime helping us make ebay fall!

        Looks like you got caught up in their useless board war this last weekend even though we never ever see you participate in it. Smells like utter desperation to me.

        Thank you for always taking the high road. I know their venom didn't cost us a dime. It never does.

        Who ever thought that the rubes who wanted this stock to work would spend their every waking second up here showing us all how vile, nasty and finished ebay, and themselves, are.

        Splendid simply splendid. And very very profitable, for us!

        Carry on.

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