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  • tastehoney tastehoney Dec 10, 2009 3:43 PM Flag

    Ebay Crashing At Christmas Should Warn All Investors!!!

    If you're so certain, why do you post this? If Christmas buying sucks so much, how come Amazon is flying? You must've been shorting that also and had to cover.

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    • Amazon traffic soars while eBay's crashes

      I just did my last minute online shopping at Amazon. Order today, get a few hundred dollars worth of stuff, pay $9 for 2 day air shipping, items arrive on 23rd with a day to spare.

      I can trust Amazon to deliver

      with eBay it's a different story

      as Forest Gump would say

      "... is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you gonna get"

      Most people who are power buyers no longer trust eBay, it's their own fault

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      • This is my second full year of buying more on Amazon than on eBay...and I'm not just talking about Christmas time. I didn't make the switch eBay to Amazon because of sour grapes either. It was just a natural transition (like it seems to be for most shoppers these days). People don't shop where the experience is distasteful. So, what do they do? They look for another place to shop. Goodbye eBay, hello Amazon...seems to be the general consensus.

        I like Amazon better and while eBay may have had better prices at one time...that's no longer the case. eBay Sellers have been forced to raise prices so there's nothing special about eBay anymore. Plus, I'm done with the whole auction format. Whitman took the fun out of that long ago and Donahoe deflated what was left by driving a stake through the carcass.

        I know Donahoe thinks he is keeping up with the times by making these changes of his but that's not what he has done. What he has done is change everything eBay was...the core...all the uniquities that put eBay on the map in the first place. They are simply an Amazon wannabe now and that's going to work out for them the same way it worked out for all the eBay wannabes from back in the day of eBays prime. Wagglepop anyone?

        The biggest red flag that told everyone eBay was confused about its direction was...and I'm paraphrasing...when Donahoe said he wanted to take the garage sale feel out of eBay then within a year started a marketing campaign asking people to clean out their garages.

        Who do I feel the most sorry for? The people who made eBay what it was, the Sellers. They've been corked...being forced to take less and less profit with more and more risks, while Whitman and Donahoe roll around in the millions those very Sellers paid them.

        Shame on eBay for biting the hand that fed them.

      • The "noise" level continues to increase, problem is, Ebay management is as deaf (and dumb)as a rock.

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