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  • marketendgaming marketendgaming Dec 9, 2009 10:02 AM Flag

    Ebay Crashing At Christmas Should Warn All Investors!!!

    Wow! You can delete my posts all you want to but note I am not in your ongoing board war and you have never once taken one dime out of my easy predictable winning short on ebay! Ebay crashing at its peak sales season should scream out loud to all investors just what kind of stock investment ebay is: a losing one. Ebay can pay all the pumpers they want to, but the chart tells the tale and that chart is the reason I have all day to enjoy a vast fleet of awesome Maseratis while you sit here wallowing in your board war ongoing misery. Just saying! Belissimo! ,,

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    • Hey Ebayis! Just ignore those clowns. They don't have a penny to their names and whatever they waste all day and night saying never takes any money out of my giant bank account, nor can it make me be that man they are stalking. The simple truth: Ebay can't keep its stock up during its so called busiest selling season and it would rather rip off its sellers, investors and even its buyers and hand us shorts cash profits rather than fix its many many problems. But hey, if it means I get to buy more Maseratis and have more family free time then all I can say to ebay is booyah! Beep beep! And belissimo! ,,

    • No, I know exactly who I am, very happy with my short profits and I know you're Johnie Tool Fool Osborne and failing ebay seller z50com.

      Our board troll, our Village Idiot and main whiner and stalker.

      Obviously, someone else knew ebay was full of stalkers who misuse people's personal information and created a fake persona for you to bash your empty skull against for what? Eight years? Ten years?

      All that accomplished was showing people what ebay was really all about, tanking the stock, and wrecking your own family through your neglect.

      Good plan!

      Thank you.

    • marketendgaming marketendgaming Dec 14, 2009 10:48 AM Flag

      Yep! Yet another easily predictable highly profitable ebay short! Nabbed it and covered for the next great shorting high. An hour is about too long to work! I'm making incredible shorting profits on ebay at its (so called) peak selling season by simply noting insider management pump and dumps and knowing ebay is going down the tubes fast and will never ever share any of its listing fee billions with its own investors. The long investors will never get it but the shorts simply shake that money tree, leaving plenty of time of for my happy family, my beautiful villa, and of course, racing through my Italian countryside in my delightful collection of awesome Masaratis! Only those with their screws lose would worry about that fact. Oh well. To all I say belissimo!

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      • Hey Marketendgaming! Nice call at the Holiday season! I see you're still making major money and I still see any tiny little word from you makes the weakest minded liar stock pumpers post pages of insanity at some guy. Guess that makes them money?

        Isn't it great that ebay chooses to rip off its last few long investors right at the Holiday season? Isn't it too peachy that ebay insiders make billions of manipulating this stock while long investors lose the shirt off their backs?

        Oh well, the shorts will put all that free money to much much better use. Yes they will. They always do.

        Just for the record: Christmas time and no $25!!!!!

        And remember, no hope of vlimbing back into the 30's.


        Gee, can endless public abuse up here ever solve that crisis ebay? We see how it all worked out for z50com.

    • If you're so certain, why do you post this? If Christmas buying sucks so much, how come Amazon is flying? You must've been shorting that also and had to cover.

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