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  • sullys_ebay_board sullys_ebay_board Feb 4, 2012 1:58 PM Flag

    Ebay Sales are Dropping like a Rock!

    "Many people on this board have advised you to quell your fruitless and petty needling of others. Your subscription to said advice would help this forum revert to a more impassioned yet civil atmosphere. An atmosphere where intelligent posters once again feel at ease to discuss meaningful topics. You have driven most of these posters away with your childish, mean-spirited behavior. Gone are the days of brainy discourse.

    Over the years it has been a pity to watch the exodus of the wise old time posters. Few remain as the ill atmosphere you enable reigns while the once brilliant lacquer of this arena corrods[sic]."

    Wise, wise words Doctor. Charlene is trying to pass off your exact words for his own. Same as it ever was. The poor bloat copies names, whole posts and can only communicate with his other ids.

    A wasted, copied and failed life. Welcome.

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    • Wrong again Dribbler. The Board's Best Author does not write like you do. HE would not use such Flyperbole.

      It's very difficult for The Board's Best Author to write that if HE has been long long gone from here. Yes, Your Master is one of the intelligent posters who left. Sad for you. Sucks to be you. Always.

      Will HIS powerful legacy hold you magnetized in HIS spell forever? Or are you jUST going to do another failed decade and go to the dark side eternally?

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