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  • docmadbezos docmadbezos Jan 4, 2011 9:04 AM Flag

    Continuation Thread

    I am starting this thread to make it easier for readers to follow the discussion from the overloaded "I Am The Marin Bean Counter Board Owner" thread.

    Flyktning_foertien said: "My impostoring is rare. Charlie's is systematic. Nuttise is not me BTW. It might be Charlie, but more likely it is the poster who feigned confusion this morning."

    Jane Sutcliffe did not feign confusion. She has only posted on this board for about six months. She has also posted on other Yahoo! Finance boards. As usual, you are clueless when it comes to identifying posters on this board.

    I attribute some of YOUR confusion to the fact that you were one of the first posters on this board to play the imposter game. How did that work out for you?

    I am proud to say that anything I have posted on this board has been with one of my Madbezos IDs. Moreover, I have no regrets regarding anything I have posted on this board. Don't you wish that you could say the same?


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