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  • overebay overebay Mar 29, 2011 8:53 PM Flag

    A More Reflective ID

    I'm so over Ebay!

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    • "Elike's and Fly's are being saved. For now."

      You have no idea who Joe Frank is. . .

      You can't even mention Fly's first name because you're clueless. . .

      And eLike, he's as elusive as Californium. . .

    • "regardless any of your projection onto a long gone, great writer, poster"

      But You're still here!

      Bush had to go but you remained behind. . .

    • You have "bragging" rights being the first one here to post my real name!


    • "Are you the same person who stalked seichiro and bragged about it here?"

      Sorry, guy or gal, but you got the story backwards. Seichiro was the stalker.

      He stalked me at Temple and at other Web sites. He made the mistake of sending me an e-mail at my Temple address. I was able to glean a lot of information from that e-mail with the help of "someone who had carte blanche over all websites". I was just about to nail him. However, Carole had more resourcefulness and beat me to the punch.

      I would have loved to be able to rat him out and brag about it.

      You really have to get your story straight before you shoot your mouth off.


    • Midnite the brain neuter,

      If you paid money to get a higher education you should file suit to get your money back.
      Your response below serves as an explicit example of someone that got robbed by a university.
      I left school after sixth grade education and can write better than your clusterfaak below.

      A completed higher education and intelligence are not remotely related.
      The dumbest of people find a way to pay for a diploma and find ready professors like bozo to pass them on through the system because higher education is all about the money.

      My brother-in-law had a daughter just like you midnite brain neuter of which he brags uncontrollably.
      Like you, the girl is dumb as a stump, somehow she "managed" to receive a sheep's skin. Now she,like you, struts around nose pointed upward completely certain that those easy 36 college course credits has quadrupled her IQ. She is still dumb as a stump, but she has had smoke blown up her butt by the academic establishment that makes her think she intellectually towers over all.

      <<<"All day long, that's all you have done, hey elie read this, read that. ">>>

      You're right, I should have considered how taxing on the brain it is for you to read a post then try to process it.

      <<<"How much would you bet that I'm far more educated than you? What is your basis of determining who's more intelligent than the other?">>>

      I'll bet your buddy agut absolutely cringed at the first sentence. The topic of higher education sets him into a frenzy. As for the second sentence, that sounds like a question for your buddy agut. He'll write you a thesis on the subject. But that means you'll have to read which apparently hurts your thick brain.

      <<<"That fool who you deal with NEVER EVER crossed his mind to pass the charges to custmers and see what would happen. Right? In fact he wrote he DID NOT want to do that. WHY????? I tell you why, because the greedy little Charles Kelly (that was an insult) wants to make MORE MONEY. Follow me? Here's further explanation: He figured if a customer is willing to pay more for his product why would he not pocket that extra money? Right?">>>

      Did you read what you wrote before clicking the "post message" button? That is the most a$$ backwards statement you've written to date, and that's saying something!

      He doesn't want to raise his prices to cover the added ebay fees because he's greedy? Go sit in a corner and ponder what you said. Don't forget your dunce cap.

      <<<"See the difference between an educated man and an uneducated fool">>>

      Again, your buddy agut can best answer this question for you. He's a$$ backwards on the topic so you might just might grasp what he has to say.

      <<<"You never thought about it this way did you Carole?">>>

      Uhhh, frankly, no. I don't think anyone with a clear thought process did.

    • Gosh, you've cut me to the core.

    • You are a stalking POS.

    • Yes and we all know how that played out. Care to know where he works?

    • Are you the same person who stalked seichiro and bragged about it here?

      You POS.

    • "Why do those comments remind me of the speech about the strawberries by Captain Queeg in The Caine Mutiny?"

      Why do you, bozo, remind me of Lieutenant Tom Keefer the weasel wordsmith writer, full-time manipulating agitator and proud rat in The Caine Mutiny?

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