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  • sir12volt sir12volt Jul 21, 2011 12:45 PM Flag

    Feedback extortion?

    OK anyone experience on ebay does this sound like extortion? Incidently my reply was "no" and I got 3 negative feedbacks!

    I want to avoid leaving negative feedback. want to meet me at least 20euro? please answer

    Ebay says that this is not extortion!!! LOL ROFLMAO

    Are you kidding me? Am I wrong

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    • You never sent the auction number that you were referring to.


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      • Yur a dern fool juss like my boy elike saided. elike sed yur desprite fur attenshun but it purdy daggone sad you ben a chexin yur emale evry day fur an intire weak a weighten on a awkshun numbar. That thar is purdy hard up an desprite ifen you ask me. Why dont you git on out an make yurseff sum frens insted of a beggin fur an akshun numbar fur axshun? Sounds like yur a few hammers short of a hardwear store boy.

    • Absolutely, it IS blatant feedback extortion.

      HOWEVER, selling on eBay involves inherent fear and risk, the big risk is the eBay encouraged unscrupulous and fraudulent buyers.

      Never, ever fight with a buyer -- YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE.
      (eBay or PayPal will make sure you do lose because eBay hates sellers, as a seller I have felt ever increasing hate from eBay ever since my first transaction, it just gets worse and worse, almost a linear hate progression, if eBay don't pull back the hate it could eventually lead to eBay actually euthanizing sellers and charging a fee to do the extermination.)

      Give the buyer a full refund and choke back your anger and move on, accept it as fact that eBay is a place that you will with certainty get screwed.

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      • Extortion is illegal in the state of Florida so they are truly disregarding the law!

        I did not need to give him any refunds. He did file a claim but lost on the claim. I do want to note that customer service is always kind these days and intentionally makes note of my 14 years on ebay but it starts to get disengenous when you state that every time I call. Can't you just let poeple be natural in stead of feeding them what they need to say?

        There are clearly too many EGGHEADS behind the scenes pulling the puppet strings. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that the supervisors would review my call but not speak to me. SUPERVISORS in feedback dept do not take calls! I was speaking to a specialist.

        7 weeks ago I was told to get a refund on bootleg quickbooks I bought that was shipped to me from china that I had to ship it back to China for my refund. I told the rep I would be breaking federal law by exporting bootleg software but was told that was the only way I would get my $88 refund!!! I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told by the rep that I was wasting my time. I was told the supervisor would tell me the same thing. Lucky for me she did put me through and the supervisor agreed with me and told me that all we needed to do was to change it to a counterfieting claim and I had to sign an affadavit that the software was destroyed! Full refund granted!

    • To make this more funny I will probably pay this guy $20 to revise the feedback so his extortion will have actually worked. I figured that this was clearly feedback extortion. I guess this buyer in Italy is brighter than me. He figured out a way to extort money from me without breaking ebays rules!

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