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  • elikes_maw elikes_maw Sep 14, 2011 3:56 PM Flag

    Is Craigslist a competitor to EBAY ?

    Boy you coodnt poor wadder outta boot ifen tha instrukshuns were on tha heel. You byed dis hear stok at $50 an it aint ben much pass $30 since. Can you add boy? Yur loosing munny. I sware yur nummer den a frozin mukluk. Cummin on hear a pumpin ebait like they magikilly gonna disloge frum tha bottum of tha bay. Tha day dat happin is tha day dat thar mullit you sport cums bak in style. ebait old news! Hellow?

    Thar aint no due overs in tha stok markit boy. Yur a looser plane an simpull. Now why dont you git on outta hear. yur deprivin sum villige of thar idyit.

    • Wood you looky thar Maw. I maked munny today. Allmost a doller sew far. I toll you I wuz sabby bizniss man knot a num wit darealick (hey I maked a rime). Juss cuz dis hear stok tred den sink an tred den sink den sink sum moore dont meen it dont cum up fer wadder evry sew offen. I tink you owe me a pollygee rite hear in publick in front of all my frens. I will be wading. yur sun ewike.

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