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  • elikeking elikeking Nov 18, 2011 3:47 PM Flag

    Investor Warning: But You Know All About Lardelike

    No one will care, hear or read that useless Lardelike ID, just like they ignore you Sully and John Osborne. Because they are essentially all the same waste of flesh and are instantly discredited. Watch and learn:

    With that pitiful slave Lordelike we see a loser who bought ebay in the high 40s yet thinks he's an investing genius, while his ego spams the board with nothing, just like Sully, while his other IDs publicly lick his bare, and should be embarrassed, behind.

    He has the same useless IDs for pals as Sully and John, and the same enemies who own him. When he is outed he will revert to posting that same used on ebay only name and address of a long ago poster who beat all their tails publicly so hard, that it's all these punks can talk about years later! What investor ever does that? What adult ever does that?

    Only a board melting useless lying spamming bashing child does that.
    Somehow the Elikes, Sullys, Johns and their tail licker somehow agree that people who make your whipped behinds into hats are somehow dumb, yet your spamming tails are precious.

    Elikes idiotic egotistical public board behavior can easily be cured with a bit more jail time. Probably is what you all are here begging for. Your wishes can be granted.

    Now observe as he outs himself publicly as a failed investor who can only publicly harass a long ago ebayer, who left ebay because they are a sham, as a site and an investment.

    Also not: how only the psychotic pumpers here keep blaming a long ago poster, and making up lies about him, and obsessing on him in their public misery, yet they can never see that ebay just goes lower and lower, and it shows everyone here that they are just psychotics.

    Aren't we grateful one man has stood up and let them have a used for ebay only name and address to show what a sham ebay really is. That knowledge has been very very profitable to some, just never our board psychotics. Never. Never will be.

    Observe how I, their Master, wreck them with a single post. Note how they, the slaves, will burn for weeks publicly over it. Lesson over. It's so satisfying to be Their Master.

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    • Your slaves and puppets did just as you predicted. We all see your very firm hand in completely owning them. Beating them in public the way slaves should be treated. It's a lot of power when one man makes one posts and has all the psychotics out themselves and permanently discredit themselves on this board. A lot of power!

      But while they chase a long gone poster who only used a fake name and address for ebay (always use a fake name and address for ebay people!) how does that ever stop tools being fenced, stop Boy Scouts from being molested, or daughter's and grandbaby's lives from being permanently wrecked and blighted at 5008 Hanover Circle Cypress CA 90630, by sicko John Osborne, the z50com, ebay_pays_my_bills spamming 11 year troll?

      That psycho can be stopped, but the gang of psychos titter in eternal pain outing themselves while they give up their loser ebay pumper games by trying to denigrate their Master. And Master doesn't care about them. Master could easily end everything they have with a call.

    • Thank you Professor, we shall soon see the successful results of your hypothesis as it's been proven many many times. No investors will ever trust psychotic child Elike. Ever.

      His lies remind me how A.I.G. lied all the way to it's huge collapse. It reminds me of John and Sully lying up here every day. And we all saw ebay start dipping the second that dip Elike started lying again.

      Same as it ever was. Same as it ever........

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