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  • jen_dimebag jen_dimebag Nov 20, 2011 8:02 PM Flag

    My Intelligent Newbie Elucidations On Our Location

    Poor broke g @y cRaZy DaDdY! You keep trying to get anywhere with all your lies but the truth is your own utterly wrecked family despises you because you wrecked us by your disgusting poverty and neglect, and uyou endanger us with your board troll Tool Foolishness, so what would you ever know about friends? You have none. Zero. Not one.

    No one wants to go down over your publicly posted threats and death wishes. Have your 11 years of being a board troll here made you rich and successful? No. You're a lying joke. A liar. And a joke.

    My Teenage Baby Momma life is totally wrecked and little Johnie the 3rds first words to you were LIAR instead of Grandpaw. Those are the actual facts. You wish you could afford a jelly donut but the people you bother could care less about them. You're a liar. And a joke.

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