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  • ebayalphamale ebayalphamale Nov 21, 2011 1:50 PM Flag

    Once Again! Dr Clarify Playbook Wrings Big Profit From Board Trolls

    Once again, the Doctor Clarify Playbook predicted and delivered giant shorting profits to those savvy enough to see it always rains ebay red after a bust board troll public meltdown. It's too predictable, and so very very very profitable.

    It's great that our useless no life board trolls at least serve some kind of purpose by bending over publicly bleeding for their Masters and then filling their Master's banck accounts with great predictable ebay short earnings. At least these intelligent short investors wisely use those earnings to provide for their happy beautiful families, and they do their communities good, unlike our board trolls who openly brag of leeching off the welfare system so they can live here as trolls.

    It's good to be the Alpha Male here. It's good to ignore the useless board trolls, and yet profit from their sickness, and hire employees to pr*ck our insane to deliver giant shorting profits each and every time! It's great not to have to sully my powerful, oversize hands on their public illness. It's great to be the Alpha. So profitable!

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    • I'm happy to see that intelligent people have figured out a way to use the illiterate idiots in this place the way ants use aphids. Fitting.

      As I told that Tool Fool windbag yesterday: he is a loser, and he will always be a loser. He has lost all his worthless life, and his loser life has amounted to nothing. His life will always be nothing. He will always be a loser and will always lose. Nothing for him in the future but further losses. That's his loser fate. He shows us all exactly that every day. He gives his loser life away with every loser word and loser post he foists on the public.

    • Whatever works! Bend the Trolls over and bend the chart over!

      You the man. Thanks! Again!

    • Charles, your only an Alpha Beta still in testing.

      And as far as bending over there you go again being the G A Y you are!

      You just can't help yourself

      Everything in the world has a G A Y twist in your mind.


      GET HELP

    • Charles, why do you lie so much?

      I'm submitting "watchology" to urban dictionary.

      I'm sure you'll like the definition when published ~ LOL

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