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  • sullys_ebay_board sullys_ebay_board Dec 21, 2011 1:51 PM Flag

    Ebay And Others Have Had One Too Many Failed Christmas Days

    "Your post makes no sense. Try again my puppet.


    Look at you bowing down to your Master Sully by copying word for word his daily proclamation regarding any of your posts
    Talking to yourself through 2 different ids again, Chuck? Come on guy, earn some credibility. You posted with 3 different (smoldering.mary, ian.lojack, flyktning.listerine) ids in an hour span, earlier. Sad and lonely. Remember that we are here to help! Let us.

    Oh, how is your proud public and boastful proclamation that ebay will never get out of the teens working out fer ya?

    Now high tail it on outta here before Sully catches wind of your rancid stench
    and shows up here to flick you away with some simple common sense AGQUT logic and then squishes you out. Poor gnat.

    ian.lojack..............OMG!!! How many bongs for that name and post?

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    • More "everyone is all one poster" hate in all your many hateful IDs my free speech poster child? Wrong again. More NARU hate talk against men selling very well on ebay?

      Your hate has entertained you for nearly a decade. But is it a "life"? Try gargling that stench out of your throat. Too many have yanked your neck back and p*ssed down it. Publicly.

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