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  • lordelike lordelike Dec 28, 2011 3:51 PM Flag

    All Rise!

    As you can tell, I own Ian (LMAO) no matter which of ITS 1,000s IDs IT uses IT still needs to address me and in particular mimics my every word. This ownership certificate was first displayed by me Lord elike and since then IT has copied me. Then it was time to prove to all I am ITS master, again, IT copied my words, and so on ....

    Carole - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I said it some time ago and I repeat, you don't need to befriend me you can continue to oppose every single word I write here. Doing so would make you more boring than ever as you become more predictable. What you need is some good sex. Something that has been missing in your life for years now. I can sense than from your frustrated comments. Please (and I mean it) please don't stand next to IT. You don't need ITS support. IT has no self respect IT will support you in any case.

    Agqut - Please don't tell me you're taking ITS actions seriously. Relax, every once in a while I need to come here to pull ITS ears and keep IT busy to prove I own IT. IT's gutless, and lack intelligence. Don't let IT get to you. On a brighter note, it seems to me that the daily Good Morning comments from Joe Paterno comrade has been missing. Thank GOD. I swear. Thank God.

    For all, as you can tell this message board was awfully quiet and boring up until yours truly chose to step back in. So tell me now:

    Who owns it now?



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    • Yes, you totally own this place when and only when Sully is not here.

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      • Well actually I invite you to revist the case of ownership of Ian (LMAO). You see, Sully advantage is that he has managed to occupy ITS mind. Then again a lonely, angry, poor, Texan's mind is not hard to own. Where Sully comes short is where I exceed expectations and that's when I can go toe to toe with anyone of them without losing my mind, or repeating myself over and over again.

        As you have witnessed so fairly my friend, Ian (LOL) has one drive in ITS mind and that's his out of control anger. I detected that in Ian (LOL) years ago and have used it to my advantage in controlling IT. I am no Pennsylvanian Professor to look the other way and compromise my values, just because IT is fighting my dirty war. That attribute is reserved for those wannabes who have lived a life of a robot. That case was presented on this board about year ago before my departure. I hope you had a chance to read it.

        Long Live Truth, Justice and Liberty!


      • Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick my free speech poster child. Lick it good.

        You'll need some Listerine now because your breath smells like wuss crotch.

    • What is it about a man that causes you, me, and all my free speech poster children obsessed and hateful all these many years? A decade for you and Sybil? What is it about a man that owns us, especially you Elike, yet makes you think you're the Master? We all see your puppet strings. The Listerine will cleanse us all. Remember when you also used to pump ebay stock? You lost your @ss and credibility. Some say you lose the former nightly. Nightly.

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      • Yes, what we've learned from our man who has staked out elike's drinking haunts is that Alex plays the dominent male role in his relationship with elike. So in fact, elike does take it up the butt frequently. When he is intoxicated elike starts tearfully begging for Alex to take him home from the bar.

        It's pathetic. Elike has been getting medical treatment for severely inflamed hemmoroids related to being "shafted" for so long by both Alex and EBAY.


    • "Who owns it now?"

      You're a has been.

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