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  • elike.dinkiewinkie elike.dinkiewinkie Dec 28, 2011 5:43 PM Flag

    All Kneel. Someone's Crying Lord. Kum Bi Ya

    Did someone call their Master?

    The liar, money losing, stock pumper Elike dares return to wave his dinkie winkie at people up here? WTF?

    Put that tiny thing away lest you hurt yourself.

    I'm sure we'll all see plenty of public wettage down his own leg.

    Down his own leg.

    Down his own leg.

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    • I did not know Elike's winkie was dinkie. It explains a lot about all his hate and loathing. It explains why those other swishers Sully and Sully's Licker are so sweet on him. Poor Elike. He probably didn't want people to know it was so tiny tiny tiny but his every post proves that. No wonder he's a slave.

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      • Elike also does not know what a Saturday night Special is. Get Midnite to tell you that story sometime, and also the one about elike's demented confusion over the words sexist and sexiest. We literally laughed him off the board over that one. Madbezos tore him up on that one. It was great. It took elike weeks to figure it out. After elike's exit in shame from the board, sully took over as the board buffoon due to his multiple ID wardrobe malfunctions which totally outed him. It was funny as hell. Sully never recovered from that and remains the board buffoon to this day. Elike is working hard now to get the title back but he will only wind up sharing it with sully.

    • The fact that you admire and respect a perverted small minded narcissistic professor that demeans all those except his suck-ups pretty much defines you as an a-hole. Sucking up to the professor is your only function on this board. Without your bozo you'd have no reason to post here. You've provided enough sucking data to support THIS particular conclusion.

      I always enjoy reading conversations amongst your kind here. The content is not unlike an eBay email -- canned. Sounds like you are talking to each using tin cans and string, it's that flat, as though it's being written by a ghost editor. Then amazingly the 5 red stars appear as though the canned hole-rimming postings actually contained something significant. The fact that you have to red star your own posts is in itself an admission you are aware the content is devoid of meaning or worth. Ask your bozo how I outed him for 5 starring his 5:00AM postings with 8-9 recs withing 15 minutes.

    • Are you saying my failed stock pumping, money losing, most lying and hateful raving free speech poster child Lordelike doesn't have the free speech right to keep publicly kneeling, crying, whining, hating, cyber stalking, and losing money on ebay, to assuage the the fact he has no sausage? Because Mister you would be wrong!

    • "The fact that you respond to all of agquts posts, clearly indicates that he pulls your strings and you are at his mercy."

      Indeed. Clearly!

    • "The fact that you have to red star your own posts is in itself an admission you are aware the content is devoid of meaning or worth."


      Sully owns you.

    • 'Shack, you and your bozo are prime examples of recipients of an extremely narrow education.'

      Those two doctors pull your strings and you respond immediately. You post paragraphs of drivel and they ignore you. Post some more funny stories about conspiracies, internet felonies, and FBI agents knocking on people's doors. We all need a good laugh.

    • I see your tiny tiny tiny little willy is hurting very badly my free speech poster child. Why do you let your deep hate and warped obsession call everyone's attention to that tiny tiny tiny little thing? It does no one any good, especially not you. You'll never be big enough to ever worry about molesters, so why keep molesting?

    • Your post to him was enough of a reason for him to run for shelter. I doubt you’d hear from him, that post of his made him reach his quota for 2011. That’s their nature never-engage-in-any-discussion and just-be-nice. There’s a reason they (him and the robot living human) are the kings of boringness on this board. I thank my God this board has taken a break from that daily “Good Morning” posts from Philadelphia.

      One should wonder if the so called message of well wishes on Christmas was so genuine, how come it was not sent in an email to the robot? We all know why though. It’s the drive for some ATTENTION. You’re lucky you were not here with this fellow. He had his daughter here as well, as if one from that family was not enough the posters were punished to see two of them on daily basis and none of their posts had anything to do with eBay whatsoever. They both (undoubtedly) use many IDs in hopes of covering their identifies as they pass their insults and rude comments. Granted the child was/is more active than the old man.

      Robot’s childish act is so far out that he continues to green light Ian (LMAO) in hopes of having IT doing robot’s immature and childish dirty acts of fighting John (whom you so bravely have accredited in helping you in your eBay business) and flynkng (who regardless of a few of his bad habits hold a classy occupation of CPA). In fact Robot went so far as giving Ian (LOL) his award of Author of Century. Robot has become so classless that he even responds to Ian’s (LOL) offensive Yahoo IDs such as Sullyisafag. I ask you and this board: Who in right state of mind would engage in a thread involving an animal who uses such an ID (Sullyisafag)? Have you got no limit to your anger? When is it that you would say 'enough is enough'?

      And this is a man who Pennsylvanians trust their children with? Robot’s action (or lack of his acknowledgement) is clearly parallel to Joe Paterno’s criminal acts. ‘Hey so my assistant raped a 10 year old in my sport facility? Fine, I told my superior. My job is done, when is the next practice?' Pitiful, and troubling to reasonable people. But I suppose that’s the way of life in Pennsylvania universities.


    • Agqut, you are way off base. Show me one post where either me or madbezos ever claimed to be intellectually superior to anyone else.You make the erroneous assumption that because of our education we think we are more intelligent than others.You need to think about why you jump to so many false conclusions. That tendency of yours, by the way, could be construed as an indication of lower intelligennce on your part.

    • You're saying my free speech poster children don't have the right, nay, the duty, to wet down their own leg in public about a long ago man?

      Well Mister, you would be wrong! That's what they're paid for. And don't even notice that they're not snitched out. Illusions stay illusions around here.

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