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  • ebayis.chartis ebayis.chartis Feb 20, 2012 2:10 PM Flag

    Israel will use nuclear weapons on Iran in 2012

    True overall, but people fail to remember that "Iran has, or will soon have, nuclear weapons" is the very same lying canard, the very same media pumped lies from the heavily invested to profit off war people who brought us "Iraq has weapons of mass destruction".

    Most regulatory agencies agree they do not just like Iran did not, but that won't stop the demons, nor stop their war. This is simply the end result of predatory capitalism as the demons profit greatly from war and think they'll profit by cleaning it up afterwards.

    The issue isn't whether Iran has nukes, or is about to, and what is wrong with them having them, as Israel has them and threatens others with nukes, the US has them and threatens others with nukes, the Soviets, even Pakistan and India, and so on...

    Having nukes was probably what kept North Korea from being attacked so the world is learning the wrong lesson from the demon class and their so-called chosen.

    This next war, maybe and hopefully the last one, is a direct result of our lying war criminals in the GW Bush administration, and others, not being held accountable for their crimes, atrocities, and self enriching genocide, much like the bankers were given a blank check to squeeze, predatory capitalism style, every last penny they can find. If we as a nation won't stop criminals, we just get more and bigger crimes.

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