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  • ebay_pays_my_bills ebay_pays_my_bills Mar 3, 2012 1:18 PM Flag

    All ONE poster ~ She's all ALONE!

    This is what she always wanted

    a boring board all her own and all her own doing


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    • Another instant response by you to one of my posts shows your utter slavery.

      It only took you 8 minutes to respond to my last post.

      Please respond again to show your utter public slavery.



    • I'm back to hard academic work after a very relaxing 4 day Adirondack weekend and have to laugh out loud at how much mileage your sad Tool Fool, the original board melter and stalker here, post got on your pathetic thread and totally pathetic erroneous premise.

      It may amuse you to know that those with better computers, academics and authorities, can easily go back in the archives to the wonderful time just before you started bothering everyone in the nearly 4000 IDs that Yahoo deleted one by one.

      It may amuse others to know you started a board troll game and were whipped soundly by your betters. In the 11 years you wasted here in your 247 bothering of people, a decade's worth of college students learned about the dangers of the internet and took turns kicking you. Some got so fond of it they continued post grad.

      It may amuse people to know you, and everything about you, was daily hard laughter at two campus coffee shops. Students learned excellent lessons about online rules and behavior and how to protect themselves from board trolls.

      It amuses (probably) no one to know, while concerned parents across this nation gave their children love and nurturing, and paid to give them a proper education, you neglected your own, to the point of true child abuse, because you were so busy busy busy pretending 'everyone was all one poster'.

      It was an important crusade and you completely lost, as you fittingly should. Your public behavior shows you are a loser, you'll always be a loser and you will always lose. Always. And that's the way the world actually turns regardless of your Hamster cage spinning.

    • Another instant response by you to my posts show your utter slavery.

      Atta loser! I own you big time!



    • Another instant response parroting my words?

      Good slave. Atta girl slave.

      Thanks for showing everyone you're a good slave.

    • OMG Bro'! Hope you read every word of that Hecate post or we're doomed. It's our only chance out.

    • "This is what she always wanted

      a boring board all her own and all her own doing

      ENJOY ~ LOL"

      Precisely! What a foul board with hate from ALL ONE POSTER.
      She wrecked /recced this place years ago and knows IT.

      IT must be lonely with no one else. No one. Not a soul.

      -Sully Rules

      • 1 Reply to sullys_ebay_board
      • Poor Sybil, we all see your "life" of your hate and dribbling in your 1000s of IDs, while you think someone else is 'all one poster'.

        They aren't. You're sick. Or maybe they are far better at this game than you.

        The priceless part is you wreck this board for your Master. You serve your Master well. We all see you are lonely as all you and Sullied ever post is publicly tongue licking each other's @ss. Yum!

        Lick it. Snaaaap! Lick it good. Lick it clean and deep.

        Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiick it girl.

        All you have.

    • "Blah blah blah" said the Tool Fool who lived here as a board troll for 11 long years and counting. Yhe fool who trashed over 4000 IDs and 247 fills pages and pages and pages of useless spam and abuse, using the exact same phrases and typos as Sullied and Sullied's Public Licker.

      Did you toss and turn trying to sleep again? If I were you I'd keep an eye on your cul de sac because bad things happen to fools that call the whirlwind upon themselves.

      Now drink a big gulp of Listerine and Drano and maybe one of those will help you. Poor loser. This board is your loser monument to this world. 11 years!

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