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  • sullyinmass.2012 sullyinmass.2012 Mar 29, 2012 1:00 PM Flag

    Why Do Bored Trolls Hate Ebay $40, $39, $38, $37 So Much?

    Why dose my imposter and her sullied spamming board hate trolls hate ebay so much? They chased $40 away faster than their credibility and seem to be chasing 39, 38, 37 (and 36?) away faster than any shred of their remaining self respect. Fitting I guess when one is consumed by hate and doesn't know the difference between 'you' and 'you're'.

    I'm so glad I turned over a new leaf and don't have to be here 247 publicly discrediting myself. People see that you know. Any sane person would see that.



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    • Why does the Board troll Gang hate so much?

      More important: why do they let their daily endless melt bend the chart?

      The shorts best friends they are.



    • Oh PS: Note I don't post addresses fool. But that doesn't fit in with your delusional "all one poster" meme. You on the other hand, are on public record admitting to posting addresses, taunting names and deleting and posters IDs. You've done a bit worse on the sidelines. It is a very poor use of your time and makes you less safe, not safer. We all see you're Daddy Troll.

    • You, John, and your pal's make public threats too. So far John's gets posted but you and your pal's info is pending. Any intelligent person can see the direction you losers have gone the half decade is the wrong way to fix things. Enjoy.

    • I worry about what I post, not what Elike chooses to post. You and Madbezos need to get over my attempt to protect Elike by telling him who was making threats against him. Each of you two has no sense of responsibility unless it resides with someone you don't like. Print all the addresses it pleases you to print. Nobody reads and nobody cares.

    • PS: Not a word of worry from you when you sicced Elike on some old info. That's the kind of troll you are. Now get busy snitching out posts and posters, your larkspur/san rafael beans are not going to count themselves.

    • You poor idiot fake out trolls knew exactly how to keep John's address off the board and you hung your "friend" out to dry. He even hung his own self out to dry. That's how stupid you all are. If, he has a new drug house I'm sure we'll hear about it. You idiots will guarantee it.

    • My condolences on your loss, and I am glad there is a silver lining under that cloud. May I never know where you will live or at least not be told twenty times a day. LOL

    • Pssst: It's true that death, and the smell of death, surrounds you, but no one believes anything you say. Get that library card ready to travel board troll. People are catching onto the real z50com and his pot grow houses she can't keep secret.

    • Pssst!

      We had another death in the family and we got a FREE home out of the deal.

      Looks like Karma came our way ~ LOL

    • Because you, and your bottom feeding board troll pals, are obsessed liars who have never once kept your word. You even lied to Faessel when you said you'd leave. You're being driven out to the edges like the sick rabid dog you are. When will you vacate that z50com ongoing crime scene drug growing house?

      When are you and your pals every going to grow up? I'm sure when you're sun burnt on the street, starving because no one on ebay will buy your bag of beer cans, pushing your cart with that last of your tools, that you've diddled yourself with, that man will hire someone to throw a nickel in your, and your bottom feeding board troll pal's, tin cups. Then again. Probably not.

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