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  • sullyinmass.2012 sullyinmass.2012 Apr 1, 2012 7:39 PM Flag

    Mad's Thought for the Day

    You "take that guy" Tool Fool? Quite a revealing revelation there!

    I'm helpful to everyone. I helpfully point out Sullied's endless typos to publicly show she has no right being a grammar queen and shouldn't even post her idiocy at all, when everyone here (yourself excluded) got well past the 3rd grade.

    I helpfully point out that sullied (and especially you Tool Fool) dwell here 24 hours a day, everyday, and don't have the sense God gave a rock.

    I also helpfully point out that there's a gang of fools circling any tiny word Madbezos posts even when they don't know the meaning, or spelling of many of them, and can never get a word in edgewise on him after nearly a decade of trying.

    I helpfully point out that you and your gang are failures incapable of learning and you publicly verify that each and every time!

    I leave it to others to helpfully point oit that your sullied crew is far too broke to ever once buy a share of stock, no matter what your failed Apple loving ID claims. Or that your daughter and grand baby might have a great lawsuit against your failure in being such a parent.

    I could also helpfully point out that your old man diaper is packed full, and far more stinky, then the little neglected one's.

    But most of all, I helpfully point out you, and your gang, are punk losers, ignorant failures, and education hating yokels, and that the board will be far better without you and your gang.

    I hope that was helpful enough!

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