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  • loadelike loadelike Apr 12, 2012 3:16 PM Flag

    All Peons Bow And Scape! Tremble Before My Mightiness!

    Hello unworthy peons, and a special hello to my pals who believe my ebay pumping lies and carry on my hate and anger while I am away. It is the Forces Of God, The Forces Of Rightushness! Truly justice and godlyness will come from our truth and honesty of claiming everyone is IT, and that ebay would be $40 last week! If you did not believe you have only your own selves to blame for I am not a self riotous angry demagoge and you must worship me. Forget that I am small and tiny and kneel before my powers of grateness and literacy! Truly I am the Writer Of The Centuries and do not count beans, regardless of anything that mouthy Professor says. Do not believe IT! It is the angriest angriest most hateful presents on the web you pitiless fak idiots who deen neal before me!

    May the Forces Of Lite and Justise preveil!


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    • I don't know if that's the Board's Best Author or not but they ought to be awarded that crown! That crown that pushed the punk that they skewer clear over her beancounter edge.

      Great writers excite the public and everyone can see that writing had impact baby, impact. It sunk into the public consciousness and public domain fast as drill baby drill. Hands down best, and since my hands are far bigger (if you know what I mean and I think you do) than Little Lying Eleaking I know a winner when I see it. The same way I know a board troll coward loser.... and know it well.

      Be seeing you both this weekend. Try not to wet yourselves....

    • It will be 40+ after earnings next week!!!!

    • Hey my Satanic Free Speech Poster Child, are you trying to use your free speech to tell my other free speech poster children.... oh wait, say whatever you want, whenever you want. Frankly, you scare the Beanjebbus out of me!

    • No one cares what you think. With friends like yours who needs enemas? You are my slaves, not the other way around, so if you all are tired take the ONLY solution that will stop it. Obey or else. Works for me. Technically, your melts help my team a great deal. You and your punks getting rich at it? LOL!

    • Snuck that one in their while I was posting old man? Your friends last night couldn't go an hour, so I guess you want to see:

      Is Johnie Osborne, ebay's failing z50com, the punk who neglected his own children, especially his heroin craving unwed mother of a crack baby, so he could be an every waking second, for 11 long years, board troll, still stuck at his ongoing crime scene drug growing house at 5008 Hanover Circle, Cypress CA 90630? Waiting and begging for the end to his old man broken toe misery of failure, while he jumps at every tiny little sound?

      Of course. My, what the neighbors must think of it. We know.

    • OK, let's try this again.


      not those of other posters. . .

    • I found Satan's post a most enjoyable slab or erudite authorship.

      You see Johnie Melt, you silly postings and board war is predicated on erroneous assumptions: like someone actually lives in Texas, and someone hates you and is bitter or jealous of your loser tail, when all people do is use you, and you old man melting failure abusive spam, to kick the ebay chart down lower, and out your failure, your neglect, your lies, your melting, your drug taking and growing and general sullied board troll-ness, and the limited time you have left to play those games.

      Now: Think hard as you post if you don't want to see 'you know what'. What your customers and anyone on the web is seeing. Cool beans! You've completely sullied yourself old old old washed up boy.

    • Charles, you couldn't even go 12 hours :-(

      This so called board war must be all you have. . .

    • I can feel the intense HATE all the way from Texas to Cali

      Why are you so BITTER?

    • That's another new low, even for you Sullyingmary. Disgusting.

      Your public hatred of Lisa and her tragedy is public knowledge but Flyktning and John uses you for her endless failed board war anyways, while you'll try to blame your enemies, no doubt.


      (You rolling on the floor getting your head kicked in by me)


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