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  • sullys_ebay_board sullys_ebay_board Apr 30, 2012 4:07 PM Flag

    The miserable failure will NEVER get IT right!a

    At some point I would think you'd tire of being wrong!

    After ebay got out of the teens you deleted the thread where you proudly proclaimed that ebay would never get out of the teens. When ebay hit 20 you said it would never hold. When ebay hit 30 you said it would never hold.
    Quit senselessly whacking your head into the wall, repeatedly. Wake up out of your stupor, girl.

    A genuine loser!!!!!

    -Sully Rules

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    • PS: No one anywhere talked of ebay never getting out of the teens.

      No one anywhere deleted posts that said so.

      Do you frequently meltdown and puke hate on yourself over things that didn't happen 5 long years ago?

      Your lies are fresh as today for you? Your hate making you money?

      Why take a chance losing your Mom's basement and living in the sewer?

      Just because you belong there.

    • Poor miserable broke Sybil. She's ran John away and only has her poor broke Sully ID to chat with while the whole board is filled with ebay investors, and stock investors, but Sybil can't even invest in a new pair of panties and her old ones are so twisted up and puked on it's like a carnival thong up inside her.

      Look how none of these other posters are twisted up inside over some man for 5 or 6 years ago. Notice how none of these other posters made a whole life out of their misguided hate.

      Notice how none of these other posters wrecked their own children and themselves and their pals. Notice how none of these other folks who actually invest puke hate on their own board.

      Notice how none of these other posters sit here miserably lying to their loser selves because hate is all they have to live for. Note how these other investors see a red chart and are leaving the sinking ship of ebay while rats like Sybil stay to hate a long ago poster. Did that make you any money Sybil? Of course not. Pull your Mommy's dumpster next to John Osborne's and call it a double wide!

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