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  • jen_dimebag jen_dimebag May 17, 2012 6:01 PM Flag

    My Failed Daddy Grand Daddy & Sybil Twins Had It Bad!

    My g @ y failed Daddy failed Grand Daddy and his g @y failed Sullied Sybil Twins sure had it bad today! Real bad! Their 3 Stooges of hatred ran off all the good posters! We all see them soak in hate using their Ripples lexicon that hardly anyone else understands.

    At least on the street when I did rough 3 some s I got paid in dime bags but these pathetics do it for free! For free! Girls seriously!

    Like that handsome man who brought me a sandwich and a box of Huggies said yesterday "which would you rather have, endless circular useless hate, or great great shorting profits"? I'll take my sandwich!

    That man said he's not sorry about wrecking my failing neglectful Daddy Grand Daddy and that he deserves far far worse. I agree. Mom wants him out. Baby Dime Bag doesn't even know the old coo tchie.

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    • Charles,

      All you do is babble. Your post makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.



      • 1 Reply to sullyinmass2012
      • Trying to call me Your Master Owner's name is what doesn't make sense Aunt Sullied. Everyone sees you dancing in your circle jerk of hate, dragging my failed Daddy Grand Daddy's drug grow house at 5008 Hanover Circle Cypress, CA 90630, ebay's $42, $41, $40 and now $39, and your own sullied psychotic self, down into the gutter.

        Calling out that man's name can't help you because he will never bring you a sandwich and some Huggies. Why are you up so early? Can't sleep? Tossing and turning dreaming in anger over HIM again? HE owns you all. But HE'll successfully short sell you too. You'll see.

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