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  • johnosborne.toolfool johnosborne.toolfool May 21, 2012 2:08 PM Flag

    Look How Hard Lisa Hater Sullied IS Pedaling!

    Poor meth'd up drug addled loser. She says "everyone is all one poster", fights John Osborne and Flyktning's failed board war, and says Lisa's unfortunately burned to death daughter is a "crispy critter" and yet all this stuff happened before "sullied" arrived here. Odd

    Also, notice the complete silence of the Gang Of Imperfects as to sick Sullied's complete public mental collapse and evil verbiage.

    All Sullied ever accomplishes with all her useless sick posts is just getting John Osborne z50com's ongoing crime scene of drug growing, drug abusing and rampant child neglect at 5008 Hanover Circle Cypress CA 90630 up on the web.

    Sullied calling her long gone Master can never help her illness but I know something that will. Yes indeed.

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    • Right on my brother. Sullied Sybil Tongue Lick thinks more lies can get her out of the horrible things she said. People won't forget.

      I don't know why the Imperfects are silent. It always puzzled me why losers want to destroy themselves just so they can't taunt a long ago poster but such id the hold and power HE had over these sickos. They've let themselves fester in their STDs and meth addiction. Never a good brunch!

    • Yes, we've nailed Sullied Sybil ole' pal. Nothing they can do now but sputter in their meth sickness, trying to call their Master, while they get John Osborne z50com's ongoing crime scene drug growing drug abusing house at 5008 Hanover Circle Cypress CA 90630 up on the web. Will they still enjoy the game when it's their turn?

      Oddly, still silence over his evil from the Gang Of Imperfects.


    • Really on a meth KIck today! We know why.

      Oh yes we do!!!!!!!

      -Sully Rules

    • If I have no credibility than why do you puke all over yourself every day trying to get my attention and calling us 'all one poster' and always calling us you long gone Master's name.

      We see you laughing all right Sullied: at Lisa's dead daughter. Publicly. That's going to leave a mark on you. Trust that!

      Now why would you be spinning like a top today? Dimebag meth Monday?

    • Wise words! Wow, am I you? Guess it's better than being Sullied!



    • Charles,

      You can try and deflect all the attention to me that you want. But, nothing will change the fact that you exposed yourself today as the person behind the sullyinmass.2012 and johnosborn.toolfool id's. That was a MAJOR slip up with your cast of id's.

      Will you be posting with your sullyinmass.2012 id again?



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